Cardinal Islands

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Cardinal Islands
カーディナル•列島 Cardinal Archipelago
Cardinal Islands.png
Cardinal Islands
Region Hora
Debut N/A

The Cardinal Islands (カーディナル•列島, Kādeinaru-rettō) is a group of three islands in the Hora region, off the coast of Port Kardinal, where they get their name.

Notable Locations[edit]

The archipelago consists of three islands, arranged in a triangular formation:

Acerola Island[edit]

Acerola Island is one of two lower islands, hosting two large skyscrapers; one a Pokémon Center, the other being a stadium for the appeals round of the Tour de Kardinal.

Bael Island[edit]

Bael Island is the topmost island in the archipelago, hosting the stadium for the second competition in the Tour de Kardinal. In addition, it also has a small population of people, located at the center of the island, in what is known as Bael Village.

Chayote Island[edit]

Chayote Island is the second of two lower islands. The island is much smaller than the rest, as the majority of it is taken up by the Tour de Kardinal's finals stadium. It is where the last event of the Tour takes place.


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