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"How about I travel with the both of you, Jason? J'ai un bon pressentiment. With two reliable companions, my journey here should be a lot of fun!"
—Alexa inviting herself along with Jason and Misty
Age 20
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols None
Current League Hora League
Travel Partner(s) Jason Reid, Misty
Starter Pokémon Alexa's Gogoat
Personal Status
Relatives Viola (young sister)
Hometown Santalune City
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut TBA

Alexa (パンジー Pansy) is a journalist from Lumiose City in the Kalos region. Currently on a sabbatical, she traveled to Hora due to its similarities to her own home region, and her interest in starting a journey far from home. She is traveling alongside Jason Reid and Misty, joining the group soon after Ivory left.



Since her debut, Alexa is shown to be rather forgetful, a trait her Gogoat seems to have gotten used to. She is shown to be able to easily get so engrossed into an activity she's working on that she becomes oblivious to her surroundings, even in the event of Team Rocket attacking. Alexa is very cheerful and enthusiastic, and quite often shows more enthusiasm for events than Jason, five years her junior. In fact, Alexa shows a childlike fascination with new objects and places, and as such, the Hora region can be seen as the ultimate dream for her. When her excitement reaches critical levels, Alexa is known to pepper her sentences with phrases or words in French. She also happens to get along very well with Jason; the two hit it off immediately, and she is shown to be able to console him in the event his attitude takes a turn for the worst, something Misty notably fails to do without resorting to some form of violence.



  • Various Journalist Devices: Alexa, normally, carries with her a camera as well as other devices to aid in her journalism. Due to being on a sabbatical, however, these were left with Viola in Santalune City in Kalos. 
  • Holo-Caster: A Kalosian device that is used for contacting others; it essentially serves the same purpose as the Poké Gear and PokéNav of Johto and Hoenn, however, it has the unique feature of being able to relay messages via holograms, as well as broadcast news. Alexa, upon joining Jason's group, also adjusted his Poké Gear, altering the cell phone feature to function like the Holo Caster; apparently, she does things like this in her off time.
  • Recipe Book: After joining with the group, Alexa took over the culinary duties, and, due to frequent travelling from her work, has a small recipe book that she uses to cook meals on the road.


On Hand [edit]

Alexa's Noivern
Noivern is Alexa's primary battling Pokémon, and one of the three she brought with her to Hora. Acquired early in her tenure as a trainer, Alexa met Noivern during it's time as a Noibat, when the Pokémon was wounded and needed help. Patching it's injuries and feeding it, Noibat decided to go with Alexa, and ever since has become one of her most powerful battlers. Despite his rather fierce appearance, Noivern is very friendly, even with new people such as Jason Reid.

Its only known moves are Dragon Pulse, Boom Burst, and Bite.

Debut Unknown
Alexa's Kecleon
One of the Pokémon Alexa caught in Kalos that she brought with her to Hora, despite its rather simple disposition, Kecleon proves to be a powerful battler. It uses its great speed and long tongue as its primary weapons, and Alexa considers it a reliable partner.

None of Kecleon's moves are yet known, but it's Ability is Color Change.

Debut Unknown

Given Away[edit]


  • Due to Kalos being based on France, and a few instances within X and Y clearly showing that people from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh speak Japanese, while those from Kalos would speak French, Alexa within the Pokémon — Songs of Victory storyline has a noticeable French accent, and often peppers her sentences with phrases of French. The fact that she is a foreigner is also not ignored, unlike the anime, where Ash himself should have had some sort of trouble conversing with anyone in the Unova and Kalos regions, where English and French are spoken respectively.