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Ambiguous (不明, Fumei) is a song by the Japanese band GRANiDELiA. It acts as the second opening thematic for Pokémon the Series: Light & Dark, beginning with the thirtieth chapter. The opening itself is unique in that the video was created by the author of Light & Dark himself.


A link to the video can be found here:



Unmei no ito wo tachikitta sono saki ni

Senobi shiteitanda
Kutsuzure darake no
Semai sekai de

RUNAWAY wo aruku
Egao no uragawa
Kakushita tsumori de

Dakedo itsumo kimi ni wo
Minukarete shimatte ite
Konna no wa hajimete de

Tomadou kedo

Hoka no dare ni mo kikonosenai
Nandaka wakannai
Atsusa ga mune wa kogasukara
Unmei no ito taguriyoseta sono saki ni
Ima atarashii yoake ga kuru

Omoi was kitto hitotsu



It all begins when we sever the threads of fate

I was trying to be someone I’m not
In a cramped world
With no breathing room

As I walked down my runway
I thought I’d concealed it
Behind the smile that masked my face

But it doesn’t work on you
You always see through my façade
Nobody’s ever unraveled me like this before

I don’t know what to do

Nobody else can pull these outfits off
A somewhat ambiguous fever
Threatens to burn our hearts away
It all begins when we sever the threads of fate
A new day will dawn for us

We must be one in spirit

Characters & Pokémon[edit]

In order of appearance:


  • Though shown with a Charizard, Silus did not yet possess a Charizard at this point in the series. This may have been foreshadowing at his Charmander's eventual evolution.
  • Additionally, Jason does not own a Typhlosion, despite being shown with one multiple times in the opening. This also may be foreshadowing, but this has not yet been confirmed.
  • The logo for the series in the opening is that of Pokémon Origins, likely because Light & Dark possesses no official logo.