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ジュエル Jueru
Team Cosmos female admin artwork.png
Artwork from Light & Dark
Age 29
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Hora
Trainer class Cosmos Admin
Member of Team Cosmos
Rank Cosmos Admin
Anime debut The Mysterious Team Cosmos Appears!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Andreas (ジュエル, Jueru) is one of the Cosmos Admins of Team Cosmos.


Unlike her fellow Admins, Andreas had a much less fortunate past. An orphan from the Hora region, she was raised by a family of Pokémon: consisting of a Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir. They raised her to awaken her latent psychic abilities, but, consequently, she never learned a human spoken language. She instead speaks with telepathy.

At some point, she is found by Fuhrer who took her in and made her a member of Team Cosmos.


Andreas is a spiteful and cruel individual, likely because of the world she grew up in. She is mute, though she does speak, through her psychic powers, directly to her target's mind.


She has not yet appeared in the series, however, along with the rest of Team Cosmos, she is set to debut in LD031.


On hand[edit]

Andreas Gallade.png
Ralts → Kirlia → Gallade


Andreas's Gardevoir
Andreas was raised by this Gardevoir. Even now, after joining Team Cosmos, she seems fond of the memory of her suragate mother.

Gardevoir's moves are unknown.

Debut Unknown


Name origin[edit]

Her name likely comes from the famous German pianist, Andreas Grassl.

Her Japanese name literally means "jewel".


Boss: Fuhrer
Administrators: WolfgangMarianneAndreas
Lower Members: Team Cosmos Grunts
Locations: Unknown