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This article is an official statement on Pikafanon.

Its contents are an official statement on copyright and other such technical aspects of Pikafanon.

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Bureaucrats on Pikafanon are users which the Editorial Board considers to go above and beyond being a normal administrator, and are the most important to the policy of the wiki aside from the Editorial Board itself.

Administrators may be promoted to Bureaucrat level if they have demonstrated significant dedication to the community.

Name Title Status
Ten Tailed Fox Steward, Owner Active Currently in United States en-N de-0 ja-0 pl-0 fr-0 pt-0 es-0 it-0 zh-0
Darknesslover5000 Head Editor Active Currently in United States en-N de-0 ja-0 pl-0 fr-0 pt-0 es-0 it-0 zh-0

If an active Bureaucrat cannot be found, consider speaking with a member of the Editorial Board.


Bureaucrats have authority over all users below them on the hierarchy, unless they are superseded by a member of the Editorial Board.

Bureaucrats have the power, in addition to all powers of the ranks below them, to add users to and remove users from the Bureaucrat, and Administrator usergroups. The Editorial Board has a final say over their decision to do so. Bureaucrats can also edit pages in the MediaWiki namespace, in order to change the appearance of the wiki, though again, approval by the Editorial Board should be sought before performing such an action. Bureaucrats may also hide revisions of a page from all users below the Bureaucrat ranking.