Circuit Loop (move)

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Circuit Loop
Type Electric
Accuracy 75%
Power 100
Move Statistics
Other Information Does not make contact
Affected by Protect
Not affected by Magic Coat
Not affected by Snatch
Affected by King's Rock

Circuit Loop (遮断器, Circuit Breaker) is a damage dealing Electric-type move, introduced for this wiki.



Circuit Loop deals damage and, if it lands a hit, always paralyzes its target. Circuit Loop weakly damages the foe for the next several turns, before it is released.


Envelops the target in a ring of electrical energy, allowing the user to paralyze their foe. The loop continuously damages the foe that it entraps for the next several minutes.


# Pokémon Type
025 32px Pikachu Electric
026 Ani026MS.png Raichu Electric
179 32px Mareep Electric
180 32px Flaaffy Electric
179 32px Ampharos Electric
311 32px Plusle Electric
312 32px Minun Electric
417 32px Pachirisu Electric


  • This move is basically the Electric-type version of Wrap.
  • The majority of Pokémon who can learn Circuit Loop appear be based on rodents.
  • Pokémon from every Generation except Generation V and VI can learn this move.