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イブキ Ibuki
Clair artwork.png
"The Coordinator from Eden Town!"
Age 18
Gender Female
Birthday April 4
Blood type O-
Eye color Silver
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Eden Town
Region Hora
Trainer class Pokémon Coordinator
Anime debut Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Clair (イブキ, Ibuki) is a Pokémon Coordinator from Eden Town. She is currently traveling Hora to accomplish her own dream of winning the Dahlia Grand Festival and researching the local legendary Dragon Pokémon.



Like many young adults from Eden Town, Clair grew up fascinated by Pokémon; particularly Pokémon Contests. At some point, she received her very first Pokémon from Professor Changi. Taking advantage of this, Clair traveled to Hora to begin competing in Pokémon Contests, as well as to seek out the legendary Rayquaza, whom she had grown a fascination with.

She meets Silus, Nathan, and Lyra in Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair! and, where Lyra leaves the group, Clair takes her place.


In Gible, Gabite, Garchomp!, she shows a fierce respect for Wallace; getting violent when he is talked poorly of.

She has a self-proclaimed love for the Fairy-type, as well as the Dragon-type of Pokémon. In the case of the latter, however, she also favors Pokémon, like Charizard, which simply look like dragons in general.

Clair seems to be a typical, fun-loving teenage girl, who loves both Pokémon and the friends she travels with. She and Silus have a sibling-like relationship, and have had such a friendship since shortly after they met; constantly bickering with each other, but being compassionate and supportive when the other needs it most. She seems to have a similar relationship with their younger traveling companion, Nathan, as well.

Clair shares Silus' rivalry with Jason Reid, though while Silus is Jason's rival in general, Clair merely sees him as a rival when it comes to Pokémon Contests.



Clair catches Pokémon based on their compatibility with Pokémon Contests and her appeal style. She seems to favor Fairy and Dragon-types.

On hand[edit]

Clair Gabite.png

Given away[edit]

Silus Charmander.png


Clair's Charizard
Clair mentioned in Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair! that the Charmander she gave to Silus was her Charizard's offspring. The whereabouts of this Charizard are currently unknown.
Debut Unknown

Ribbons Obtained[edit]

Ribbon Name Contest Location Episode Earned
Crocus City Ribbon Crocus City Brave for Braviary!



  • Originally, Clair was the literal character from the games; the Dragon-type Gym Leader of Blackthorn City. This was changed when the wiki moved to Shout Wiki in favor of an original character, which retained the same name.