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Cosmos Admin
チームコスモスエグゼクティブ Kosumosu-dan Eguzekutibu
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Art from Light & Dark
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Introduced in Light & Dark
Appears in Light & Dark
Gender Either
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Notable members Wolfgang, Andreas, and Marianne
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The Cosmos Admins (チームコスモスエグゼクティブ, Kosumosu-dan Eguzekutibu) are the highest ranking members of Team Cosmos after Fuhrer. Unlike the Grunts, they use more variety in their Pokémon types.

There are three of them in total: two females and one male.



The Admins have yet to make an appearance in the series yet.


As previously stated, the Admins do not always follow the same typing similarities as the Grunts — though some, like Wolfgang, do use some of these types — preferring, instead, to use Pokémon of their own preference. Coincidentally, all three Admins have at least one Psychic-type.

Trainer List[edit]

There are only three known Cosmos Admins. They are:


  • Each of the Admins are named after famous German musicians.
  • Andreas and Marianne both use remixes of the Team Cipher Admin theme from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, while Wolfgang has a remix of Mirror B.'s theme from the same game.


Boss: Fuhrer
Administrators: WolfgangMarianneAndreas
Lower Members: Team Cosmos Grunts
Locations: Unknown