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ダリウス Dariusu
Age 80
Gender Male
Eye color Silver
Hair color Gray
Hometown Mimosa City
Region Hora
Relatives Dennis (Son)
Trainer class Veteran
Anime debut The Ghost Pokémon Master!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Darrius (ダリウス, Dariusu), more commonly known as the "Ghost Pokémon Master", is a well-respected resident of Mimosa City in the Hora region.



Darrius demands respect, not for himself, but for the Pokémon around him; specifically the legendary Pokémon, Darkrai, that calls Mimosa City its home. He seems to genuinely care for both Pokémon and young trainers alike, offering those that prove themselves to be friends to Pokémon a chance to train alongside him and his Darkrai.


Darrius is the father of Dennis, a current member of Hora's Elite Four; being a former member himself. He watches over the Pokémon Cemetery in the city, at the base of Mt. Hora, and is friends with the Darkrai who reside there. For those that also prove themselves to the native Darkrai, Darrius will offer training; mainly in the Counter Shield method of fighting.



Darrius's Darkrai
This Darkrai is said to be the descendant of a line of Darkrai that have protected Mimosa Town since ancient times. Several decades before the main storyline, it took over the job of "Protector of Pokémon Cemetery" from its predecessor and befriended the Ghost Pokémon Master while the latter was still in his youth. Its offspring often journey to other regions, however, two of them have found human partners.

Its moves are currently unknown.

Debut The Ghost Pokémon Master!



  • His name isn't revealed in the chapter he appeared in.