Discover Our Destiny!

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Discover Our Destiny! is one of the several opening themes used for Pokémon — Songs of Victory.


♪ My life feels legendary, but I can't make out the details

This time I won't carry, the past with me as I meet new people
I've seen them, before, these doubts are commonly mistaken
Discovered in my brain, but this journey is my oasis

Sitting around this campfire, my dreams are in the stars
I've been wanting to examine, exactly who they are
Some might call it insanity, cause it's so dangerous
But, what is adventure unless we risk, our days for what we love?

The mountains to the sea, such a vibrant mystery
From each challenge that we seek, so that we may salvage this peace
In essence, we are connected, regardless of our beliefs
Even with all the regions, this world is smaller than we think

And no matter what happens I will be right here, through each fight and milestone, that we might share
Whatever we do, could potentially, be a memory, that we later consider delightful
We gotta continue hopefully on the right path, which occasionally will lead us into some tall grass
We might get lost, but if we must split ways there's something I have to ask

If I leave here tomorrow will you remember me?
We must discover all that we can be
When I leave here tomorrow, will you remember me
Because we must discover, our destiny


The opening as it appears is here.


  • The actual song has no real name, and was written and sung by Yungtown on YouTube. All credit goes to him.