Ferdinand's Jigglypuff

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Ferdinand's Jigglypuff
Ferdinand's Jigglypuff.jpg
Gender Female
Caught at Sage City
Type normal/fairy
Ability Cute Charm
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Ferdinand
Evolution This Pokémon has yet to evolve.
Original Trainer Ferdinand Trotter
First Appearance
Story Debut Wherever the Wind Takes Me

Ferdinand's Jigglypuff (探検家のプリン, Tankenka no Purin) is the first Pokémon to be owned by Ferdinand Trotter.


Jigglypuff originated at Route 15. Dreaming of seeing the world, she began wandering the Hora region. While traveling Route 12, she got into a fight with three Linoone and was severely injured. A playing Ferdinand found Jigglypuff and nursed her back to health. She has been faithful to him ever since.


Jigglypuff is extremely loyal to her trainer to the point which she considers herself to be his only true Pokémon. Since Ferdinand saved her life, she devotes herself to him and would proudly service him when requested. Despite her loyalty to her trainer, however, she is not afraid to question his authority when she feels he is making a poor judgment. She is a very adamant Pokémon, never backing down when in a dispute. Stubborn and opinionated, she is rarely persuaded and can be quite unforgiving to those who wrong her. She has a strong dislike for Ferdiand's traveling partner, Neema, and is prejudice towards Zigzagoon and Linoone alike.


Jigglypuff can draw extra air into her balloon-like body and float short distances. She utilizes this feat to evade opponents attacks in battle. Her ability, Cute Charm, can afflict a foe of the opposite gender with infatuation - hindering their ability to attack.



  • Similar to Ash's Pikachu, Jigglypuff has an unwillingness to evolve.
  • Prior to being converted to this wiki, her ability was Competitive.