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Hope artwork.png
Age 22
Birthday January 9th
Gender Male
Eye color Orange
Hair color Blonde
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Frontier Brain (Ruin King)
Type Specialization Mix
Brain of Battle Ruins
Symbol Awarded Master Symbol
Personal Status
Hometown Vaniville Town
Current Residence Hope Island (Hora Battle Frontier)
First Appearance
Story Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!

Hope is the founder and leader of the Hora Battle Frontier. Born in Kalos, he has traveled all over the world discovering new and exotic Pokémon and challenging various leagues. He settled down in Hora in order to create his own Battle Frontier, spending almost every dime he has collected over his adventures to fund it.



Hope was born in Kalos, to a scientist who was researching Mega Evolution at the time. Having grown up in Kalos, he eventually challenged the league and obtained its eight gym badges. Following this he traveled to the Pokémon League where after a myriad of tough battles, he lost in the quarter-finals, having been defeated by his childhood friend.

Following his loss he traveled to other regions, stopping by his father homeland of Kanto, and choosing to start over he left most of his Pokémon in Pallet Town with Professor Oak and battled the Indigo League. This second leg of his adventure brought him face to face with Blue, who thoroughly defeated him and his team. Upon a rematch he defeated the Viridian City Gym Leader and obtained the Earth Badge.

Forgoing the Indigo Plateau, he traveled west to Johto and it was here he challenged the Johto League, meeting new friends and rivals as he battled his way through.

Following the Silver Conference, he had made a ton of money which he was saving for his dream, and upon hearing of the Hora region, he set sail for new frontiers. Arriving in Hora he met with the Elite Four and requested that he be able to create the Hora Battle Frontier, on the patch of land he purchased and named Hope Island, at first he was met by opposition but allowed to continue under the watch of the league. He started construction, using some of his Pokémon companions to aid him and once it was near completion, he went searching for the future Frontier Brains.


On Hand[edit]

Hope's Charizard
Hope's main traveling Pokémon, this power house was hinted at being his starter from Kalos, given to him by Professor Sycamore. It is a powerhouse who has helped him win many a gym battle as well as being a member of his team in every league battle.

Its known moves are Seismic Toss, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail, and Metal Claw.

Debut [[]]

Status Unknown[edit]

One of Hope's beloved friends, Samurott has traveled with Hope since he began his adventure alongside his Charizard. She is faithful and blindly obedient.

Its known moves are Shell Blade, Rain Dance, Hydro Cannon, and Ice Punch.

Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!
Hope's Zoroark first appeared during Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!, where she fought against both Ryan's Onix and Latias.

Its known moves are Dark Pulse, Night Burst, and Night Slash.

Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!
Hope's Flygon first debuted during Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!, where it fought against Ryan's Galalie and ended the battle with a double knockout, despite the type disadvantage.

Its known moves are Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Sandstorm, and Rock Tomb.

Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!
Hope's friend and ally, despite not being officially his. Zapdos was first seen during the battle with Ryan where it battled Latias and loss.

Its known moves are Sky Attack, Detect, Thunder Wave, and Thunderbolt.

Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!
Hope's Starraptor made her debut against Ryan's Suicune and lost after a few moves. Not much else is known about it.

Its known moves are Close Combat and Brave Bird.

Debut Battle Royale: Frontier Brain vs Gym Leader!