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Battle Frontier バトルフロンティア
Battle Frontier
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Location: Hope Island
Region: Hora
Generations: I-V
Location of Battle Frontier in Hora.
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The Battle Frontier (Japanese: バトルフロンティア Battle Frontier) is a special area located in eastern Hora, on Hope Island. This is where Trainers can partake in the Hora Frontier Challenge. This island is headed by Nine Frontier Brains, who are geared to test the skills and abilities of a Trainer instead of proving who is stronger as it in in gym battles. Eight of the Nine frontier brains are located in their respective facilities around the island, while the final facility is kept a secret and can only be found after the other 8 have been cleared. Like the Battle Frontier of Hoenn, this Battle Frontier gives out "Symbols" to it's victors.

Only one of the facilities in this Battle Frontier has appeared in the Battle Frontiers of other regions. The Battle Tower has appeared in all regions where a Battle Frontier is accessible.

Frontier Facilities and Brains[edit]

Name Symbol Awarded Type Specialty Facility
Tower Tycoon ??? Ability Symbol ??? Battle Tower
Theater Baroness ??? Ribbon Symbol ??? Battle Theater
Arena Connoisseur Justin Intellect Symbol ??? Battle Arena
Runway Diva Stephanie Sky Symbol Flying Battle Runway
Mountain Man ??? Unknown Ground Battle Mountain
??? Unknown ??? Unknown
??? Unknown ??? Unknown
??? Unknown ??? Unknown
Ruin King Hope Master Symbol Mix Battle Ruins


  • A few of the Frontier Brains are not native trainers to the region where they serve. This is a first in Battle Frontier history to have more than one Brain to have originated from another region but this isn't the first time as Caitilin was a Frontier Brain in Sinnoh and Johto, but her home region was Isshu.

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