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Route 7 (Japanese: ばんどうろ Route 7) is a Route located in western Hora. It is a fairly short route, and is one of the three routes which contains the Dark Crag, along with Route 6 and Route 8. It's southern terminus is at Phlox Town.

Route 7's location on the Hora Region Map

Route Description[edit]

Route 7 shares it's terrain with Route 6, being lined with hills and rocks, and a near constant sandstorm blowiing through the area. However, it is a short route, as soon as the trainer exits the Dark Crag, the exit into Phlox Town is already visible.


  • Geodude
  • Burmy (sandy cloak)
  • Roggenrola
  • Lillipup
  • Bouffalant

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