Jason's Pichu

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Jason's Pichu
Spiky eared Pichu anime.png
Gender Female
Caught at Mimosa City
Type Electric
Ability Static
Pokémon Information
Current Location In rotation
Original Trainer Jason Reid
First Appearance
Story Debut Pichu the Mischievous Pokémon!

Jason's Pichu (トシのピチュー Ahatake's Pichu) is the sixth Pokémon Jason has captured in the Hora Region. It is one of the rare Spiky-Eared Pichu. Since it's capture, Servine has seen more time in it's Poké Ball, Pichu seemingly replacing it as Jason's walking Pokémon.


Jason's Pichu debuted in Pichu the Mischievous Pokémon!, where it was wreaking havoc in Mimosa City, devouring their food supply, mainly apples. Eventually the townspeople cornered it, and were actually going to kill it, before Jason stepped in to battle in. Pichu fought hard but in the end Jason suceeded in capturing the Tiny Mouse Pokémon. Upon it's capturing, Pichu wasn't too willing to listen to Jason, not being very fond of it's new Trainer. Eventually however, it warmed up to Jason, now spending it's time out of it's Poké Ball, riding on it's Trainer's shoulder.


Pichu is a small ground-dwelling rodent. Its fur is very short, and it is pale yellow in color. The tips of its large ears are black, and it has additional black markings on its neck and tail. Its tail is short, but still bears some resemblance to the large lightning-bolt structure it will develop later on in life. It has pouches in its cheeks, which are pinkish colored and used for storing electricity. Its nose is extremely small, almost like a dot.

Abilities and Traits[edit]

Pichu, like its evolutions, is capable of producing electrical sparks from its cheeks, charging itself with electricity more easily on days with thunderclouds or when the air is very dry. However, since Pichu is only a baby, it cannot control them as well, and may release electricity unintentionally. Fortunately, it is not able to store large amounts of electricity in its body.

Pichu, and its evolution family, Pikachu and Raichu, are the only known Pokémon that can learn Volt Tackle.


800px-Pichu Thunderbolt.png
Using Thunderbolt
Move First Used In
Iron Tail Pichu the Mischievous Pokémon!
Thunderbolt Pichu the Mischievous Pokémon!
Substitute Monkshood Town! Challenge from Amelia?
Volt Tackle Monkshood Town! Challenge from Amelia?
Quick Attack Monkshood Town! Challenge from Amelia?
Electro Ball × Route 6 of the Hora Region! Get out of the Sandstorm!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Moves Improvised[edit]

Gyro Ball: Pichu spins while using Quick Attack to increase it's speed, and then adds Iron Tail into the mix. The end result gives it a technique reminescent of Gyro Ball.


  • Jason's Pichu mirrors Red's Pikachu in a few ways. It was wreaking havoc upon a city, devouring their food, and stopped only when it was caught. It initially did not get along with it's Trainer upon it's capture. And it is more commonly than not seen out of it's Poké Ball traveling with Jason. Also it has not evolved, but, similarly to Ash's Pikachu, it does not want to evolve.
  • Jason's Pichu made a surprising cameo on Youtube user Scykoh's Top 10 Cutest Pokémon, when Pichu was featured as Number 10.

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