Jason's Starly

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Jason's Starly
Jason Starly.png
Gender Unconfirmed
Caught at Hora Route 20
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Keen Eye
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Professor Changi
Original Trainer Jason Reid
First Appearance
Story Debut A Fluttering of Wings

Jason's Starly (唖畑のムックル Ahatake's Mukkuru) is one of the Pokémon acquired by Jason during his travels in the Hora Region. It marks a first for Jason, as it is his first bird-based Pokémon, caught in spite of his fear of them.



Starly is a bird with a brownish-gray colored body. The lower half of its wings as well as its head are black. Its face looks like it is wearing a white mask, with black eyes with white pupils as well as a thin orange beak with the tip of it painted black. On its chest is a white spot. Starly's feet are orange and also has three tail feathers: two black and one white in the middle.

Although small, they are described to flap their wings with great power.

Starly prey on small bug Pokémon. Starly has also been depicted to consume the acorn-like Berries growing on the bushes of Grotle.