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ジュンサー Junsar
Aunt Jenny artwork.png
Art from Light & Dark
Age 40
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blue
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Relatives Roger (Brother), Joy (Sister-in-law), Silus (Nephew), Ryan (Son)
Trainer class Policeman
Anime debut Waking the Titans Part 1
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Jenny (ジュンサー, Junsar) is the Officer Jenny of Osiana Town, the mother of Ryan, who is the Gym Leader of Dahlia City, and the aunt of Silus.



Jenny is originally from New Bark Town in the Johto region, having been the officer on duty there for many years, until her son, a regional trainer from Johto, named Ryan, became a Gym Leader in Hora, at which time, she was transferred and stationed in Osiana Town where she has remained ever since.

Like the rest of the Officer Jennys, she is identical to the other Officer Jennys in the Hora region: a pointed white cap, with a deep blue stripe and her officer's badge at the center, a white, form-fitting uniform, with a small blue tie, a turquoise skirt and blue high-heel shoes.


Like most Officer Jenny, Jenny is serious about her job as the head of police operations in Osiana Town and its surrounding routes. She takes her job very seriously and can be very strict at times. Nevertheless, she shows a love for Pokémon and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them from harm. She is also very loving towards her family.


On hand[edit]

Jenny's Cryogonal
Jenny has a Cryogonal, which acts as her main Pokémon. It accompanies her everywhere she goes and often helps her out on her patrols. It first appears in Waking the Titans Part 1, where it assists Jenny in holding off Jessie, James, and Meowth — allowing Silus, Clair, and Nathan to run after Vicious.

Its moves are Ice Beam and Acid Armor.

Debut Waking the Titans Part 1
Jenny's Vanillish
Vanillish is Jenny's second Pokémon. It first appears in Waking the Titans Part 2, where it defeats Jessie, James, and Meowth in one attack, giving Jenny clearance to chase after her nephew.

Its only known move is Sheer Cold.

Debut Waking the Titans Part 2



  • She is the first Officer Jenny shown to be related to a Nurse Joy, albeit, not through blood.
  • She is also the first Officer Jenny to appear on the site, or in the series.
  • She seems to specialize in Ice-type Pokémon.