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ジョーイ Joy
Art from Light & Dark
Age 43
Gender Female
Birthday September 17
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Hometown Eden Town
Region Hora
Relatives Roger (Husband), Jenny (Sister-in-law), Silus (Son), Ryan (Nephew)
Trainer class Pokémon Center Nurse
Game counterpart Pokémon Center Nurse
Anime debut Dawn of New Adventures!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Joy (ジョーイ, Joy) is the resident Nurse Joy of Eden Town, and the mother of Silus.



A younger Joy with her badge.

Joy, like all Nurse Joys, looks identical to every Nurse Joy in the region of Hora — consequently making her identical to Nurse Joys in the Kalos region. She wears her hair in two pink loops with her nurse's hat, emblazoned with a Poké Ball emblem on top.

It is later revealed that she is also an inspector for the Pokémon Inspection Agency. While in this role, she wears an entirely different uniform from her nurse's outfit.


Like most other Nurse Joys, she is very cheerful and upbeat. She roots for Silus, her son, whenever she can and takes care of some of his Pokémon when he is away on adventures. In Dawn of New Adventures!, she was shown to somewhat concerned about letting Silus leave on a Pokémon journey, but relented nonetheless.

Even as a good natured Nurse Joy, she can have a temper. She has no patience for trainers who disrespect their Pokémon and can battle quite brutally when angered. As a Nurse, her job not only lies in healing trainer's Pokémon, but also inspecing Pokémon Labs and Gyms to make sure they are up to shape with the regional Pokémon League requirements. She, like all Nurse Joy, is also responsible for handing out stater Pokémon to new trainers when Professor Changi is away or unable to. She finds joy in her job and always does it to the best of her abilities.


On hand[edit]

Joy's Happiny
Joy has a young Happiny as one of her main Pokémon. It accompanies her everywhere she goes and often helps her out at the Pokémon Center.
Debut Unknown
Joy's Audino
Joy also has an Audino, which serves as her nurse partner, as opposed to Chansey. A standard set in the Unova region.
Debut Unknown



  • She is the first Nurse Joy to be shown with a son, or a husband for that matter.