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The Light & Dark series (ポケットモンスター (光と闇), Pocket Monsters Hikari to Yami) is a series of fanon Pokémon series, written by Ten Tailed Fox. It was among the first fanon series to be introduced on the wiki and is based on the events of the Pokémon games — located in the site specific region of Hora. It began running in January 2010 and runs to the present time.

During this series, Silus begins his Pokémon journey, through his home region of Hora, starting in the tiny town of Eden Town with the starter Pokémon, Chimchar, given to him by Professor Changi. Beginning his quest through the region, in order to defeat Hora's eight Gym Leaders and win the annual Caspia Conference, he is joined, first by Lyra, and later by Clair and Nathan.


The series, thus far, has only a single season:

Chapters in the Light & Dark series are numbered with the prefix LD on this wiki.


  • This series shares a continuity with Pokémon — Songs of Victory.
  • On the original wiki, Light and Dark were divided into two seasons; the first being called Advance Frontier. Upon reaching the new wiki, these two seasons were merged into one.