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Lorem Island
Lorem Island from above.png
Kanji ロレム イスランド
English Technology Island
Romaji Roremu Isurando
Location Statistics
Region Hora

Lorem Island (ロレム イスランド Roremu Isurando) is an artificial island off the coasts of Diadem City, Safflower City, and Sage City, and thus located in Western Hora that appears, only in the Songs of Victory series.

The island was constructed by the Gelel Company, and thus is one of the technological hubs of the Hora region. Lorem Island is also well known for housing the popular Battle Tower, a battle facility for trainers to compete in.

Notable Locations[edit]

Battle Tower[edit]

Lorem Island's Battle Tower

The Battle Tower (バトルタワー Battle Tower) is a battle facility located within Lorem Island. Like many things within Lorem Island, the Battle Tower is extremely high tech, and in addition to being a battle facility, appears to function as a shopping center as well, with the battles being part of a large attraction. Winning the tournament within the Battle Tower gives you a chance to battle the Tower Tycoon.

Lorem Greenhouse[edit]

The Greenhouse is a small location in Lorem Island that takes care of Grass-type Pokémon specifically.


  • Lorem Island can be seen serving as a parallel to Silicon Valley.
    • Both are technology heavy locations.
    • Both are influenced by Gelel Corp. in some way.
    • Both possess battle facilities.
    • Both debut in the first named arc of their respective authors series, in the arc where the trainer gets their third badge and encounters a Psychic-type Legendary Pokemon.