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アンジェリア Anjeria
"The girl as unpredictable as the ocean!"
Art work from Light and Dark
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Safflower City
Region Hora
Relatives Unknown parents
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Safflower City Gym
Badge Arcadia Badge
Specializes in Water

Lorraine (アンジェリア Anjeria) is the Gym Leader of the Safflower City Gym, and she specializes in Water-type Pokémon. She awards the Arcadia Badge, as well as the HM05 Surf to those who defeat her in battle. She is the younger twin sister of Celine.

On the wiki[edit]

Lorraine is the fourth Gym Leader of the Hora region. She is a Water-type Pokémon trainer. Aside from her Gym Leader duties, she takes care of an aquarium filled with Water-type Pokémon that she either owns or takes care of for other trainers who specialize in Water-types like herself. If she is beaten, she gives the Trainer a badge, as well as the HM05 Surf. She is known for her habit of searching high and low for Suicune, making it her goal to battle and capture it. Due to this, she is sometimes away from her Gym, more often than not following a new lead that will lead her to Suicune. She admires Ryan of the the Dahlia City Gym due to his capture of a Suicune.

In fanfiction[edit]

In fanfiction, she didn't appear until Showdown at the Safflower Gym!, where she showed a very quirky side to her personality. In the same chapter, she also revealed her interest in Pokémon Contests, revealing herself to be a seasoned Pokémon Coordinator. Silus faced her, as a Gym Leader, out of order from the usual Hora order; facing her third, rather than fourth.


These are the Pokémon Lorraine carries with her, and that regularly participate in Gym Battles;

Lorraine's Lapras
Lorraine's main battling Pokémon and, seemingly, closest partner, is a Lapras — one of the many she has at her Pokémon Gym in Safflower City.

Its moves are Ice Beam, Body Slam, and Water Pulse.

Debut Showdown at the Safflower Gym!
Lorraine's Gyarados
Another of the Pokémon Lorraine makes use of in her official Gym battles is a Gyarados.

Its moves are Whirlpool and Dragon Rage.

Debut None
Lorraine's Corsola
Another of the Pokémon Lorraine makes use of in her official Gym battles is a Corsola.

Its moves are Spike Cannon, Iron Defense, BubbleBeam and Aqua Ring.

Debut Showdown at the Safflower Gym!
Lorraine's Kingler
Another of the Pokémon Lorraine makes use of in her official Gym battles is a Kingler.

Its moves are Crabhammer, Harden, Metal Claw, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Showdown at the Safflower Gym!

At the Gym[edit]

Lorraine's Lapras (x7)
Lapras (x7)
Lorraine keeps a "herd" of Lapras at the Gym, allowing them to use the large outdoor pond as their home. Her Lapras was, apparently, originally part of this herd, prior to becoming her's.

Their moves are unknown.

Debut Showdown at the Safflower Gym!



  • Lorraine is the first Gym Leader known to give out a HM upon her defeat.
  • Kingler is her only pure Water-type.
  • Lorraine is the first Gym-Leader to live in a snow covered town that does not specialize in Ice-type Pokémon, though one of her Pokémon, Lapras, is part Ice-type.
  • Lorraine is the first female Water-type Gym Leader since Misty.
  • Lorraine is the Head Editor's favorite Hora Gym Leader.