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コトネ Kotone
Lyra artwork.png
Art from Light & Dark
Age 18
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Relatives N/A
Trainer class Pokémon Coordinator
Game counterpart Lyra
Anime debut Roselia and Roserade! A New Companion for Silus!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A
Manga counterpart(s) Kris

Lyra (コトネ, Kotone) is a female Pokémon Coordinator from Johto, who has come to the Hora region to compete in the Hora's Pokémon Contests and Grand Festival. She is a former traveling partner of Silus.



Like in the games, Lyra is a trainer from Johto who was a childhood friend of Ryan, during their adventures in that region.

She later ventures to Sinnoh, where she meets Ash Ketchum. She came to Sinnoh with her friend, Khoury and his father in order to observe the Pokémon native to the region. Later she asks Dawn to participate in the Johto Festival. The two girls had a battle but Lyra lost and rewarded Dawn with an egg. At the end of the episode, Lyra and Khoury joined Ash's group because the former wanted to watch the upcoming Lilypad Contest Dawn would be participating in.

Later they headed back to Johto with Khoury's father. Lyra plans on challenging Whitney and Morty. Also, upon her request, Khoury decided to become her traveling buddy. They promised Ash and Dawn that they would see them again.

Eventually, Lyra hears of Ryan's exploits in Hora and ventures there to start another Pokémon journey. Along the way, she meets up with Ryan's cousin, Silus, and joins him on his Pokémon journey.


This is a listing of Lyra's known Pokémon;

On hand[edit]

Lyra Bayleef.png
Chikorita → Bayleef
Lyra Azumarill.png
Marill → Azumarill
Lyra Roserade.png
Lyra Golett.png

In the games[edit]

In the games, Lyra is a childhood friend of Ryan (in Ten Tailed Fox's games), having met him in New Bark Town at the start of the game. In this particular scene, she is seen with a Marill. She will always have Marill even if another starter Pokémon is selected. In addition, she doesn't appear to take the remaining starter Pokémon. Her role in the storyline of HeartGold and SoulSilver is similar to that of Lucas/Dawn in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum if they are not chosen as the player character, while Ryan (Ethan) takes this place if she is selected as the player.


HeartGold and SoulSilver[edit]

Badges obtained[edit]

Johto League[edit]

Hora League[edit]

Ribbons obtained[edit]


  • She is this wiki's counterpart to Lyra from both the anime and the games.