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バイオリン Biaorin
Team Cosmos Professor.png
Artwork from Light & Dark
Age 32
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Hora
Trainer class Cosmos Admin
Member of Team Cosmos
Rank Cosmos Admin
Anime debut The Mysterious Team Cosmos Appears!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Marianne (バイオリン, Biaorin) is one of the Cosmos Admins of Team Cosmos, as well as its lead scientist.


Marianne was once a budding scientist in the Hora region, becoming very well known for her research in the field of human and Pokémon relationships. However, after an unknown experiment was exposed to the public, she was slated to be arrested causing her to go into hiding.

Years later, she emerged as an Admin of Team Cosmos.


Marianne wears the mask of a kind a gentle woman to conceal the insanity that she has become. According to Wolfgang, she is Team Cosmos' resident "mad scientist", something she scoffed at, but did not deny.


She has not yet appeared in the series, however, along with the rest of Team Cosmos, she is set to debut in LD031.


Marianne does not use the conventional types of Team Cosmos, instead preferring to use Pokémon she deems will help the most with her research. Despite her apparent insanity, she seems quite fond of her Pokémon, and they of her.

On hand[edit]

Marainne Mismagius.png
Marainne Swoobat.png


Name origin[edit]

Her name likely comes from the famous German violinist, Marianne Scharwenka.

Her Japanese name literally means "violin".


Boss: Fuhrer
Administrators: WolfgangMarianneAndreas
Lower Members: Team Cosmos Grunts
Locations: Unknown