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Lucario Mega Evolving into Mega Lucario

Mega Evolution (メガシンカ Mega Evolution) is a form of Pokémon transformation that is unique, differing from the Formes some Pokémon can undertake. Originating in the Kalos region, where Mega Evolution is the most common, it has eventually spread to other regions after it became widely known. Mega Evolutions are identified by having "Mega" in front of their name, and they are believed to be elevated to a power class similar to Legendary Pokémon.


In order to undergo a Mega Evolution, the Pokémon must make contact with a Mega Stone, and, in addition, possess a strong bond with their trainer. In addition, an object called a Key Stone can be embedded into nearly anything — a ring, glove, necklace — and resonate with the Mega Stone to induce Mega Evolution, though the customization is not necessary. The feelings of the trainer resonate with the Mega and Key Stone, causing the target Pokémon to undergo a change — to Mega Evolve. Mega Evolution is the ultimate form of power for a Pokémon captured by their Trainer; it requires the Trainer and and their Pokémon working in perfect sync. Before a Trainer can even consider Mega Evolution, they need to have a powerful bond with their Pokémon; the Mega Stone and the Key Stone, both held by the Trainer and and their Pokemon, take the bonds that both of them share, and convert it into power, drawing out every last drop of the target Pokemon's latent potential; the energy it can't use on its own — the end result is Mega Evolution.

Unlike the Formes some Pokémon can use, several of which are merely cosmetic and don't enhance the battle capability of the Pokémon, a Mega Evolution releases all of the Pokémon's latent energy, theorised by many researchers to be the Aura of the Pokémon, and releases it all at once, inducing a form made purely for combat. A Mega-Evolved Pokémon, as such, has enhanced stats, and in some cases, altered-types as well as new abilities either unique to their forms, or abilities they would not normally gain naturally, such as Mega Charizard Y possessing the fabled ability Drought, only seen in the legendary Pokémon Groudon, and very rarely in Ninetales, a Pokémon regarded to have mythical power. Unlike standard evolution, Mega Evolution can be cancelled by the Pokémon themselves after the battle or task for which it was activated. Lucario is believed to be the first Pokémon to Mega Evolve, lending further credence to the belief that Aura is a factor in Mega Evolution.

A Pokémon can have up to two different Mega Forms, and are categorised as X (ズ X) for the evolution which is either more offensive, or focuses on physical skills, and Y (イ Y) for the more defensive or focuses on special skills.

Mega and Key Stones[edit]

A Mega Stone (メガストーン Mega Stone) is a unique type of Evolutionary stone. Mega Stones, along with the other various-types of Evolutionary stones, when Xerneas, the Life Pokémon, spread it's light across the Kalos region, imbuing these stones with it's powerful life energy, transforming them into the various Evolutionary stones known around the world — and most importantly, Mega Stones used to induce Mega Evolution. Mega Stones, together with Key Stones, resonate with each other, and the bond trainers have with their Pokémon, to release the latent energy the Pokémon has an induce a transformation, referred to as Mega Evolution.

Mega Stones are only found in the Kalos Region, due to their unique origins pretaining to Xerneas and it's life-giving light energy. However, Mega Stones are being imported by other regions after their useage outside of Kalos became known from the Kanto Champion Red and his Charizard. Trainers who visit Kalos also tend to bring Mega Stones back with them; ensuring the Stones leave the region and have become known throughout the world. Before the Stones were made known outside Kalos, the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone, took it upon himself to begin studying them after finding Aggronite on a trip to Kalos.

Known Pokémon capable of Mega Evolutions[edit]

Pokémon Before Mega Evolution After Mega Evolution Mega Stone
Image Type Image Type Ability
Venusaur 003Venusaur.png Grass/Poison 003Venusaur-Mega.png Grass/Poison Thick Fat Venusaurite
Charizard 006Charizard.png Fire/Flying 006Charizard-Mega X.png Fire/Dragon Tough Claws Charizardite X
006Charizard-Mega Y.png Fire/Flying Drought Charizardite Y
Blastoise 009Blastoise.png Water 009Blastoise-Mega.png Water Mega Launcher Blastoisinite
Alakazam 065Alakazam.png Psychic Mega alakazam modified by tomycase-d6qs19t.png Psychic Trace Alakazite
Gengar 094Gengar.png Ghost/Poison 094Gengar-Mega.png Ghost/Poison Shadow Tag Gengarite
Kangaskhan 115Kangaskhan.png Normal 115Kangaskhan-Mega.png Normal Parental Bond Kangaskhanite
Pinsir 127Pinsir.png Bug MegaPinsir.png Bug/Flying Aerilate Pinsirite
Gyarados 130Gyarados.png Water/Flying MegaGyara.png Water/Dark Mold Breaker Gyaradosite
Aerodactyl 142Aerodactyl.png Rock/Flying MegaAerodactyl.png Rock/Flying Tough Claws Aerodactylite
Mewtwo 150Mewtwo.png Psychic 150Mewtwo-Mega X.png Psychic/Fighting Steadfast Mewtwonite X
150Mewtwo-Mega Y.png Psychic Insomnia) Mewtwonite Y
Ampharos 181Ampharos.png Electric 181Ampharos-Mega.png Electric/Dragon Mold Breaker Ampharosite
Scizor 212Scizor.png Bug/Steel MegaScizor.png Bug/Steel Technician Scizorite
Heracross 214Heracross.png Bug/Fighting MegaHeracross.png Bug/Fighting Skill Link Heracronite
Houndoom 229Houndoom.png Dark/Fire MegaHound.png Dark/Fire Solar Power Houndoominite
Tyranitar 248Tyranitar.png Rock/Dark 248Tyranitar-Mega.png Rock/Dark Sand Stream Tyranitarite
Blaziken 257Blaziken.png Fire/Fighting 257Blaziken-Mega.png Fire/Fighting Speed Boost Blazikenite
Gardevoir 282Gardevoir.png Psychic/Fairy Mega Gardevoir X.png Fairy Fairy Aura Gardevoirite X
MegaGardY.png Psychic/Fairy Pixilate Gardevoirite Y
Mawile 303Mawile.png Steel/Fairy 303Mawile-Mega.png Steel/Fairy Huge Power Mawilite
Aggron 306Aggron.png Steel/Rock 306Aggron-Mega.png Steel Filter Aggronite
Medicham 308Medicham.png Fighting/Psychic MegaCham.png Fighting/Psychic Pure Power Medichamite
Manectric 310Manectric.png Electric MegaManectric.png Electric Intimidate Manectite
Banette 354Banette.png Ghost MegaBanette.png Ghost Prankster Banettite
Absol 359Absol.png Dark 359Absol-Mega.png Dark Magic Bounce Absolite
Garchomp 445Garchomp2.png Dragon/Ground 445Garchomp-Mega.png Dragon/Ground Sand Force Garchompite
Lucario 448Lucario.png Fighting/Steel 448Lucario-Mega.png Fighting/Steel Adaptability Lucarionite
Abomasnow 460Abomasnow.png Grass/Ice MegaAbomasnow.png Grass/Ice Snow Warning Abomasite


  • Mega Evolution is the first true "transformation" usable in the main Pokémon series.