Misty's Milotic

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Misty's Milotic
Juan Milotic.png
Gender Female
Caught at Kanto
Type Water
Ability Marvel Scale
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Misty
Original Trainer Misty
First Appearance
Story Debut ???

Misty's Milotic (カスミのミロカロス Kasumi's Milokaross) is a powerful Pokémon under the ownership of Misty.


Milotic was a powerhouse Pokémon Misty acquired in Johto, sometime after her defeat at the hands of Lyra.


Milotic's appearance is similar to that of a sea serpent, and it is likely based on an Oarfish. Milotic’s sinuous body is mostly cream in coloration, with red eyes and three black dots down its neck. The top of its head is long, with a point at the end, and long, thin red ‘eyebrows’ extending from above its eyes and thicker, also red-colored hair-like fins draping from the sides of the head. Its lower tail is covered with blue and pink scales, with striations of black, and four large scales, blue with red spots in the middle, overlap at the tip of the tail to look like a fan. Milotic is described in the Pokédex as breathtakingly beautiful.

The female's eyebrow fins are longer than the male's. Rarely, the female's antennae are colored blue when it is Shiny.

Abilities and Traits[edit]

Milotic have the ability to calm their enemies by removing their negative feelings, this suggests that they possess empathetic abilities similar to some species of Psychic-type Pokémon.

Milotic can move by floating in the air, hinting more at Psychic powers. Milotic is a peaceful Pokémon that typically tries to avoid battles. It appears to dislike conflict, and will even appear before arguing humans in an attempt to calm their minds. It is a historically significant Pokémon, and has been depicted in many works of art.

Moves used[edit]

Milotic Aqua Ring.png
Using Aqua Ring
Move First Used In
Hydro Pump ???
Dragon Tail ???
Aqua Ring ???
Ice Beam ???
Light Screen ???
Inhibition ???
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.