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Age 10
Birthday March 21
Gender Female
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
League Badges N/A
Ribbons Earned N/A
Frontier Symbols N/A
Travel Partner(s) Ferdinand Trotter
Starter Pokémon Smoochum
Personal Status
Hometown Crocus City
Current Residence Traveling
First Appearance
Story Debut Wherever the Wind Takes Me

Neema (裕子, Hiroko) is a girl from Crocus City who becomes a traveling partner of Ferdinand Trotter, accompanying him on his adventures throughout the Hora region. They originally met in Wherever the Wind Takes Me and began traveling together in the same episode.

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Neema was not allowed by her parents to go on a Pokémon journey because of the potential risk - her father having made numerous enemies during his career such as mob boss Randy Salvaggi. Craving adventure, Neema ran away from home against her parents' wishes. She is infatuated with "cute" Pokémon and aspires to persuade Ferdinand to give her his Jigglypuff - her primary reasoning for following him around.



Neema is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who resides in Crocus City. Since she was born, she has had the privileged of being spoiled. Her father, busy with work, didn't hesitate to give Neema what she wanted to keep her happy. She didn't have much interaction with her biological parents growing up. Instead, she was left with either a nanny or her bodyguard, a brave Machop, to keep her company. Although she got along well with Machop, he technically was not her Pokémon. As she grew older, she began to crave not only a Pokémon of her but a journey as well. Unfortunately, given her father's status, Neema was not permitted to go on a Pokémon journey because of threats from gangster Randy Salvaggi and his crime family. However, she was given her first true Pokémon - a Smoochum - as a gift on her ninth birthday. This only increased Neema's desire for a journey even more.

Shortly after the coming of her tenth birthday, Neema ran away from Crocus City against her parent's wishes. Not aiming to become a conventional Pokémon Trainer, she did not decide to register for the Hora League. Instead she preferred to simply travel with her Pokémon and enjoy the experience. Since her Smoochum was still an infant and not strong enough to protect her from the dangers in the wilderness, Neema took along the Machop as it was intended to her bodyguard in the first place. In order to protect Neema to the full extent of its abilities, Machop evolved into Machoke. With her newly evolved Pokémon by her side, Neema engaged in a few battles against other trainers and gained a bit of experience.

Unfortunately, her reputation as the daughter of a wealthy businessman did not stay behind in Crocus City. After hearing about her departure, mob boss Randy Salvaggi did not hesitate to send his goons to kidnap Neema and have her held for ransom. Fleeing from the mafioso led her to crossing paths with Ferdinand Trotter - an adventurous trainer from Sage City with a lovable Jigglypuff in tow. Admiring Ferdinand's zest for adventure, but really wishing to acquire his Jigglypuff for herself, Neema began following Ferdinand and thus brought her dilemmas along with him.


Neema perfectly fits the stereotype of a spoiled rich girl. If she sees something she wants then she assume that she has the right to obtain it. She is shown to be ungrateful - often disregarding many of the things she is given and disposing of them if she loses interest in them - her Smoochum being the only exception. A greedy girl, she will gladly do whatever it takes to get a hold of something she wants. While not a thief, stealing is beneath her at all. She appears to possess some deceptive skills as she has lied plenty of times to her father to convince him into giving her something. Contradictory to her covetous nature, Neema appears to like Pokémon on a general level - the cuter ones attracting her fascination over others. She also appears to be a bit of a daredevil do being cooped up within her parent's mansion all of her life.


Neema is known to catch Pokémon based solely on their appearance and or rarity - preferring those she deems cute over more menacing ones. Since she isn't a battler, she is not known to possess a full team of Pokémon and only keeps the ones she currently has for either her own protection or as pets.

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Neema's Machoke.jpg



  • On the original wiki, her name was Emma. According to the user, the reason for the name change was to differentiate her from the canon character featured in X & Y's post-game plot.

Name Origin[edit]

  • Her name is Egyptian in origin and means "born to wealthy parents." This fits her because she was literally born to wealthy parents.