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This article is an official statement on Pikafanon.

Its contents are an official statement on copyright and other such technical aspects of Pikafanon.

Head Editor
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Other names Editor-in-Chief
Introduced in November 3, 2013
Appears in Pikafanon
Gender Male (Sprite is Female)
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The Head Editor of Pikafanon is the leader of the Bureaucrats, as well as the second-in-command of Pikafanon: in charge of coordinating the activities of the Editorial Board as well as directing the editors of Pikafanon in general. Generally, the Head Editor is the one responsible for giving permission to those who wish to use risky material on the site, such as creating fan-made Mega Evolutions, and is one of the wiki's chief executives, answering directly to the Steward.

The Head Editor will serve in this position for as long as they feel as though they can capably run the site. When they decide to move on, the Head Editor will choose a successor from among the Editorial Board and train their successor in the responsibility and full power of Head Editor. At this point, the old Head Editor will remain indefinitely as an Executive Adviser on the wiki, serving as an adviser to the current one. If the Steward does not feel the Head Editor is properly doing their job, he may relieve that person of their duty and is the only person that can do as such. Any Head Editor involuntarily removed from duty will not become an Executive Adviser.

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Head Editor
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