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The Pokédex Holders is the term used by Professor Changi to describe a group of nine rookie Pokémon Trainers from the Hora Region who not only posses a pokédex but also are exceptionally talented in their specific field dubbed as their "special skill". Each trainer posses a three-stage-evolution pokémon as their "starter pokémon". Each of their starter pokémon have been with them either since before the start of their respective pokémon journeys or just at the very beginning but this pokémon was not necessarily the first pokémon they owned/trained. Their starter pokémon is also one of the trainer's primary pokémon. The Nine Pokédex Holders have yet to all meet together and most are even unaware that they are apart of this group of trainers.

Pokédex Holders[edit]

If anyone wants to join, leave your character's name on the talk page in the appropriate position

Title Name Skill
The Battler
Richard Kauri
Battling pokémon.
The Trainer
Sean Changi
Training pokémon.
The Appealer
Jason Reid
Competing in pokémon contests.
The Athlete
Competing in the Pokéathlon.
The Evolver
Evolving pokémon rapidly.
The Catcher
Capturing any and all pokémon encountered including resistant pokémon.
The Trader
Growing traded pokémon incredibly fast.
The Hatcher
Hatching pokémon eggs.
The Breeder
Breeding pokémon.
The Healer
Healing injured pokémon.
The Mixer
Creating super effective pokéblocks and poffins.
The Namer
Giving pokémon the perfect nicknames.
*Italic indicates the trainer has not yet been identified as such in the Ivory and Ebony canon