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"The sun is rising, your Egg is hatching, and Team Rocket is up to no good. It's time to hit the road for a brand-new Pokémon Adventure!"
Pokémon — Songs of Victory
Season 1
Logo for the series
Opening Pokémon Theme (SoV001-018)
Discover Our Destiny! (SoV018 - ???)
Episodes 17 (ongoing)
(Snivy, I choose you! - present)
Region Hora
Series Songs of Victory series
Preceded by None
Followed by Unannounced

Pokémon — Songs of Victory, oftened shortened to just Pokémon, or otherwise referred to as Lugia's Awakening by the author, is an on-going fanon Pokémon series that more closely follows the games and Pokémon Special. It covers the adventures of Jason Reid, an aspiring Pokémon Training with dreams of becoming a top Coordinator as well as Champion of Pokémon League as he travels through Hora, the newest introduced Region within the fanon.

The series began December 31, 2010‎ and ran until June 19, 2011‎, where it went on a hiatus, due to the absence of the author of Pokémon — Advance Frontier, the series Songs of Victory shares a continuity with. As of September 13, 2013‎, the series returned in full.


Main Cast[edit]

This is a list of the main cast and the region they originated from;

Reoccurring Characters[edit]

In addition to the main cast, several characters appear repeatedly throughout the series. In addition to new characters, characters from both the anime and the games appear as well. The following is a list of such characters;

Story Arcs[edit]

Like Advance Frontier, the first seventeen episodes of the series serves as the introductory arc; introducing both rivals and enemies that will be prevalent in the later story, as well as various story elements that will be elaborated on in later chapters. Jason gains his first two badges, companions, as well as many Pokémon, and following this is the first named story arc.

  • Confrontation With Team Rocket Arc (SoV018 - ???)


  • Due to regarding the games events as canon, Songs of Victory is confirmed to take place at least 10 years after the events of Generations II and IV, due to the appearance of Dawn, who is in her twenties.