Protect Wing (move)

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Protect Wing
Type Flying
Move Statistics
Other Information Does not make contact
Not affected by Protect
Not affected by Magic Coat
Not affected by Snatch
Not affected by King's Rock

Protect Wing (遮蔽羽毛 Shielding Plumage) is a non-damaging Flying-type move, introduced for this wiki.



Protect Wing reduces the damage a Pokémon takes by 35%. The effect of Protect Wing only last 2-5 turns before they wear off. The following moves cannot be stopped by Protect Wing:

Move Type Cat.
Acupressure  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Curse  Ghost  Status {{{3}}}
Doom Desire  Steel  Special {{{3}}}
Feint  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Future Sight  Psychic  Special {{{3}}}
Imprison  Psychic  Status {{{3}}}
Perish Song  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Psych Up  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Role Play  Psychic  Status {{{3}}}
Shadow Force  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Transform  Normal  Status {{{3}}}


The user molts, releasing a large amount of feathers from their body, which gather and form a shield, protecting the Pokémon and reducing damage taken from a move. Repeated attacks destroy the feathers.


  • Notably, Protect Wing can be seen as similar to Featherdance. It weakens the target's moves using feathers, and it is a Flying-type move. They also appear identical when used by a Pokémon.
  • Protect Wing gets its name and general effect from a Pokémon Power of the same name.