Pyroar Pride

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Pyroar Pride
カエンジシ Kaenjishi
Artwork of male and female Pyroar
Debuts in Pyroar and Mightyena!
Gender Various*
Ability Rivalry & Unnerve*
Current location Hora Route 13
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pyroar

A pride of Pyroar lives in the grassy plains of the Hora region's Route 13. They are the rivals of a local Mightyena cackle living on the same route.


Light & Dark[edit]

In Light & Dark, a pride of Pyroar (which also consists of their pre-evolved form, Litleo) lives on the grassy Route 13 in the Hora region. According to Professor Changi, the region's expert on Pokémon, it is the only such pride of Pyroar in the entire region. Professor Changi also notes that the pride has recently come into contention with a cackle of Mightyena, Pyroar's sworn rivals, which has caused problems for Trainers passing through the Route on their way to Port Kardinal.

Changi notes that, once the male Litleo evolve into Pyroar, new prides may begin to appear, causing the Pyroar/Litleo species to become less and less rare in Hora over the coming years.


As wild Pyroar, the pride are social Pokémon with members of their own species, but are otherwise quite solitary. The female Pyroar do the hunting, while the males, particularly the leader of the pride, protect the rest of the group from harm. Both males and females are very protective of the younger Litleo and can become violent if they are threatened. Once the male Litleo evolve into Pyroar, they must leave the pride and form their own. However, one or two other male Pyroar may linger around the pride. The reasons for this are unknown.

On rare occasions, a female Pyroar will sometimes leave the group and become nomadic, though Professor Changi notes that this hasn't happened in some years.


Pride Members[edit]

668Pyroar Dream.png
Pyroar Leader
Pyroar (x6)
Pyroar (x2)
Litleo cubs (x5) ♂ & ♀


's Chatot
This Chatot befriended the leader of the Pyroar pride, and has thus been allowed to remain in and near the pride, without adverse effects, by the rest of the Pyroar in the group. Chatot can mimic the cries of Pyroar, due to having been around them for so long, and has also picked up some human speech, in addition to its own cry.

Its known moves are Chatter, Mimic, and FeatherDance.

Debut Pyroar and Mightyena!


The abilities of the pride as a whole are largely unknown.


  • A pride is a family unit of lions. This term is applied to Pyroar in Pokémon X and Y.
  • They are the first Generation VI Pokémon to appear in the series.
  • The fact that the leader of the pride has befriended a Chatot is a reference to Disney's The Lion King, specificially the character Zazu. This was done at the suggestion of Darknesslover5000.