Last Night in the Sun!

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The following morning, Sean and Riley woke up and started out from the Pokémon Center.

"Hey Sean, have you ever heard of Mega Evolution?" Riley asked his friend as they ate rice balls, walking through Monkshood Town, heading for Hora Route 6.

"No I haven't, no wait, I think I heard my dad talking with another Professor about something dealing with evolution, but I don't remember the details, why?" Sean said back.

"Well my dad was breeding Pokémon and told me that a few are able to go past their final form and evolve one step further, I didn't believe him until I saw a Lucario mega evolve into a new form, where it became so much more powerful." Riley explains, talking about an event that occurred in Aster Town. "Also, I know that Gardevoir is one of those my father said could use this power, but it needs a special stone, called a Mega Stone and you need something called a Mega Ring, neither of which I know where to find it and trust me I looked," Riley explained as he looked at the Taillow flying by.

"But I only have a Kirlia, she hasn't evolved yet so how would I use this Mega Evolution?" Sean asked.

"I dunno," Riley replied.

In the skies, William was flying using a jet pack, searching for Sean and his Pichu.

"Where is it, he couldn't have gone far," William said as he flew over a clearing and landed. "Go Dugtrio!" He said as he sent out his Mole Pokémon to scout ahead. "Find that trainer!"

"Trio!" the Pokémon said as it started digging.

To Route 6 or Bust[edit]

At the gate, Riley choose to stop and turn to his friend. "Its been a while since we've battled, what do you say?" he asked Sean as he reached for his Pokéballs.

"Ok, I guess, 3 on 3?" Sean replied as he picked out Vivillon, Fennekin and Kirlia.

"Fine by me, go Trapinch!" Riley called out for this small exhibition match.

"Vivillon standby!" Sean said as he threw the Nestball into the air, releasing the beautiful butterfly Pokémon.

"Wow, when did you catch that?" Riley asked as he was in awe of the butterfly.

"It was Austin's I transferred Aipom to my dad and had him send her to me; I have vowed to live on in his memory, Vivillon, use Hurricane!" Sean replied as he ordered his Pokémon to release a large and violent hurricane gale from her wings.

"Trapinch, underground!" Riley ordered as his antlion burrowed into the earth.

"Not going to save you, Psybeam!" Sean said as he had his Pokémon fire a burst of psychic energy at the hole.

"Trapinch, use Crunch!" Riley ordered as his Pokémon launched from a different part of the area and bit down on Vivillon's abdomen.

""Use Hurricane once more around your body!" Sean requested as his Pokémon spun around and released another large hurricane gale.

The Butterfly Pokémon blew Trapinch into its attack and as Trapinch whirled around and around, Riley recalled it.

"Return!" he said as he sighed. "Looks like your cousin knows how to Train is Poké's," Riley mused as he threw out Roselia.

"Return Vivillon, you did great and yes he was a superb trainer," Sean said as he gripped Kirlia's Pokéball. "Kirlia, Standby!"

The battle ended in Sean's victory due to Vivillon's pure power and the two trainers shook hands as they nursed their Pokémon back to health before moving out for the next destination.

"So Austin died while on the SS Anne, headed to the Hoenn Region?" Riley asked as the two talked about the young man Austin Changi was.

"Yeah, he was headed to take on the Hoenn League when Team Rocket attacked and demanded that the passengers hand over their Pokémon. Austin lead the charge and rebelled and thats when the Rocket in charge of the operation used some kind of Psychic Pokémon to throw him into the ocean, causing him to drown. Or so says the official report." Sean explained as he fed his Pokémon berries. "It was devastating since a year prior his parents went missing in the Orange Islands, while researching Lugia."