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Age 13
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue-Black
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Breeder
League Badges Hora League (3)
Current League Hora
Travel Partner(s) Sean, Lola
Personal Status
Hometown Aster Town
First Appearance
Story Debut Once More with Feeling!

Riley (塀, hei) is a Pokémon Breeder, from Aster Town in Hora, he is the childhood friend of Sean.



Riley is the son of a famous Pokémon Breeder, and supplier of Starter Pokémon to Professor Changi. Due to his upbringing he has a knack for knowing random facts about how to care for Pokémon and how to properly hatch Pokémon eggs. He grew up playing with Sean as his father delivered new Pokémon to the professors lab in Eden Town.

Due to his fathers strict ideology of "Breeding comes first", Riley was late to start his adventure and opted to start with the first three Pokémon he ever hatched. Setting out he battled three gyms before meeting up with Sean in Gardenia Town.




On Hand[edit]

This section is based on the Pokémon within Riley's six-creature team. This may change from time to time, depending on his preferences.

Riley's Egg → Trapinch
Egg → Trapinch
This was one of the first Pokémon that Riley ever hatched and as a result he started his journey with it along side his Budew and Mime Jr.

His known moves are Sand Attack, Dig, Bulldoze and Bite.

Debut Last Night in the Sun!
Riley's Egg → Budew → Roselia
Egg → Budew → Roselia
One of the Pokémon that Riley hatched, she was the first to evolve.

Her known moves are Razor Leaf and Magical Leaf.

Debut Once More with Feeling!
Riley's Egg → Mime Jr.
Egg → Mime Jr.
Not much is known about Mime Jr, other than Riley hatched it.

Its known moves are Psychic, Barrier and Teleport.

Debut Last Night in the Sun!

On the Ranch[edit]

Badges Obtained[edit]

Hora League[edit]

Badge Image Badge Name Episode Earned
Stinger Badge.png
Singer Badge Unknown
Bolt Badge.png
Bolt Badge Unknown
Oak Badge.png
Oak Badge Unknown