Roger's Mightyena

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Roger's Mightyena
ロジャーのグラエナ Roger no Guraena
Poké Ball
Roger Mightyena.png
Roger's Mightyena
Debuts in Parents in Monkshood!
Caught at Freesia Town
Evolves in Prior to Parents in Monkshood!
Gender Male
Ability Intimidate
Current location With Roger
Poochyena Mightyena
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Poochyena.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Poochyena
As Mightyena

Roger's Mightyena (ロジャーのグラエナ, Roger no Guraena) is Roger's first and main Pokémon.


Light & Dark[edit]

Mightyena, as a Poochyena, was Roger's very first Pokémon when he started his journey at a young age. It was part of a Mightyena cackle owned by Roger's grandfather in Freesia Town. It evolved into Mightyena shortly after he won his second Gym badge and has remained his partner into his adult life.

It appears in Parents in Monkshood!, where it easily defeats Silus's Monferno in an attempt by Roger to convince Silus not to take on the Hora League.


While little of Mightyena has been seen, it has been shown using a powerful Return, suggesting that it is very loyal and fond of Roger.


Mightyena is an excessively powerful Pokémon, having competed in all of Roger's Gym Battles, and, presumably in the Caspia Conference as well. Its true skill is shown when it battles Silus's Monferno and easily defeats it.


Roger Mightyena Roar.png
Using Roar.
Move First Used In
Roar Unknown
Giga Impact Parents in Monkshood!
Return Parents in Monkshood!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.