Sean's Gardevoir

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Seans Gardevoir.png
Gender Female
Caught at Illusion Forest
Type Psychic/Fairy
Ability Telepathy
Pokémon Information
Current Location In Rotation
Evolution Spent 2 Episodes as Ralts
Spent 4 Episodes as Kirlia
First Evolution In Once More with Feeling!
Evolves Again In Into The Blue Yonder!
Original Trainer Sean
First Appearance
Story Debut Rushing into the Fray!

Sean's Gardevoir (とびのサーナイト, Tobi no Sirknight) is the fourth Pokémon obtained and befriended by Sean's journey in Hora.


Ralts lived in the area around the Illusion Forest, which is extremely rare for the Pokémon. She was attacked by poachers prior to being found by Sean and was fearful of humans. When encountered, she fled into the safety of the Illusion Forrest and was once again found by Sean who proceeded to battle with her, in order to catch her and take her to a Pokémon Center. Following this she started to trust and admire her new trainer.


As Ralts[edit]

As Ralts

Ralts is a bipedal Pokémon with a white body. Its body and and legs resemble an over sized dress. Its green hair resembles an bowl cut, which covers most of its face. Its hair is split by two flat red, a large one toward the front and a smaller one at the back. A view from below shows that it has a pair of red eyes.

Ralts uses the horns on its head to read people and Pokémon's emotions. It is known to inhabit urban areas, but it does not normally show itself to humans. However, when it senses happy feelings, it will approach people. If its Trainer is in a cheerful mood, it also becomes cheerful and joyous. If it senses warm feelings, its body will slightly warm up. It takes cover if it senses hostility.

As Kirlia[edit]

As Kirlia

Kirlia is a white bipedal Pokémon that appears to be wearing a tutu. It has green hair that reaches down to its shoulders, and two red horns look like hairpins. These horns are used to amplify its psychokinetic power and distort the air around it. The distortion in the air causes scenery mirages. It can also use its horns to cause a rip in dimensions and see into the future. It has skinny green legs with pointed feet and thin, white arms that have two fingers. It grows beautiful when exposed to positive emotions from its Trainer. It likes to dance on sunny mornings.

As Gardevoir[edit]

Gardevoir is a white bipedal Pokémon with a lower body resembling a slim gown with a green underside. It has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown, and green hair that curls down the sides of its head. There are spikes on the side of its face, resembling a masquerade mask. It has green arms and long, slender fingers that resemble gloves. A red fin-like horn extends from its chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back. A band of green on its chest extends to the centermost horn and connects to its sleeve-like arms.

Gardevoir can sense when its Trainer is in danger, and will use its psychic power to distort dimensions and create a small black hole to protect its Trainer. It will even give up its life to protect its Trainer. It can use its powers to see the future. Since it supports itself with its psychic powers, it does not feel the pull of gravity. It is known to inhabit urban areas.

As Mega Gardevoir Y[edit]

As Mega Gardevoir Y, it turns almost completely white; only its hair remains green. Its gown becomes longer and wider, resembling a bridal gown. The forearms are slightly thicker with a pointed extension above the elbow. Its facial spikes are larger and now curl upwards. In contrast, its hair is now shorter and more tightly curled. There are now two horns in the center of its chest, extending to either side. These horns are said to be a physical manifestation of this Pokémon's heart, and it is able to tremendous psychic power now that it is open


Ralts' personality is very shy often hiding from new people, and only being happy around her trainer.


Ralts' ability is Telepathy which allows her to communicate with Sean and others using her mind as well as preventing damage during Double and Triple Battles when her allies use moves such as Earthquake. She retains this ability as Kirlia. Upon evolving, she gained the ability Pixilate which transforms all normal type attacks into Fairy Type.


Sean's Kirlia.jpg
Using Psychic
Move First Used In
Confusion Rushing into the Fray!
Teleport  Once More with Feeling!
Psychic  Once More with Feeling!
Protect  Once More with Feeling!
Dazzling Gleam  RC007
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.


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