Sean's Vivillon

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Sean's Vivillon.png
Gender Female
Caught at Unknown
Type Bug/Flying
Ability Compound Eyes
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Sean
Evolution Spent unknown episodes as Scatterbug
Spent unknown Episodes as Spewpa
First Evolution In Prior to RC006
Evolves Again In Prior to RC006
Original Trainer Austin Changi
First Appearance
Story Debut RC006

Sean's Vivillon (とびのビビヨン, Tobi no Viviyon) was another of Austin's Pokémon, now in the care of his cousin Sean and the sixth member of his team.



Vivillon is a butterfly-like Pokémon with wings that come in a large variety of patterns. Vivillon's main body has an elliptical shape divided into three segments, each with a different shade of gray. Its legs are also elliptical which are black on the lower half and grayish on the upper half. Vivillon has two black, circular hands, but no visible arms. It has a round, grayish head with large black eyes and a pair of skinny antenna.



Move First Used In
Draining Kiss RC007
Hurricane  RC006
Bug Buzz RC007
Psybeam  RC006
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Moves improvised[edit]

Counter Shield: Using Hurricane, Vivillon is able to swirl the winds to form a barrier.