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やみこ Yamiko
Selene anime.png
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Hometown Watsonia City
Region Hora
Relatives Unknown parents
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Watsonia City Gym
Badge Void Badge
Specializes in Dark
Anime debut Gible, Gabite, Garchomp!
English voice actor None
Japanese voice actor None

Selene (やみこ, Yamiko) is the Gym Leader of Watsonia City, specializing in the Dark-type Pokémon.



Selene is the sixth Gym Leader of the Hora League, as well as the youngest leader in Hora, next to Lorraine. She gives out the Void Badge to those who managed to defeat her. She is a specialist in the Dark-type, though she also enjoys taking part in Pokémon Contests. Originally, she was an orphan, growing up in the care of the Gym trainers that would eventually become her loyal followers, until she was made the Gym Leader at the young age of ten.

She makes her debut in the series in Gible, Gabite, Garchomp!, where she is venturing to Port Kardinal for the "Tour de Kardinal" Contest. She meets Silus and friends on their own way to the Contest, meeting them on the breezy Route 13.


Selene is fiercely competitive, not only in her Gym battles, but also in the Pokémon Contests she takes part in. This can cause her to appear fiery and vain, even when she doesn't mean it. She seems to care a great deal for her Pokémon and has an outstanding relationship with each of them.

In Gible, Gabite, Garchomp!, she shows a fierce respect for Wallace; getting violent when he is talked poorly of.


On hand[edit]

Selene's Larvitar → Pupitar → Tyranitar
Larvitar → Pupitar → Tyranitar
Main article: Selene's Tyranitar

Selene owns a Tyranitar, which started out as her first Pokémon, who was originally a Larvitar. She is both Selene's main battling Pokémon, as well as her most powerful. It is, according to her, the reason she fell in love with the Dark-type.

Debut Unknown
Selene's Zoroark
Selene uses a Zoroark, which participates in most of her Gym battles. It is extremely well trained, especially when it comes to the use of its Ability Illusion. Selene claims that she has never lost a Gym match in which she has used Zoroark.

Zoroark's known moves are Night Slash, Night Daze, Giga Impact, and Shadow Claw.

Debut Unknown
Selene's Sableye
Main article: Selene's Sableye

Selene uses a Sableye, which primarily participates in her Pokémon Contests. Like of Zoroark, it is extremely well trained, primarily in Contest combinations, designed to maximize her appeals in front of the judges. It is rarely used in Gym battles.

Sableye's known moves are Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, and Shadow Ball.

Debut Unknown
Selene's Umbreon
Selene uses a Umbreon, which, along with Zoroark and Tyranitar, serve as one of her main battling partners. It is particularly well trained in the art of battles, being one of her best battle partners when it comes to her Gym matches.

Umbreon's known moves are Psychic, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, and Moonlight.

Debut Unknown
Selene's Deino
Main article: Selene's Deino

This Deino originally belonged to Silus, but after his battle with Selene on Route 13, the two decided to trade Pokémon. Deino for Selene's Gible.

Debut Gible, Gabite, Garchomp!
Selene's Carvanha
Selene owns a Carvanha. Like Sableye, it is primarily used in Contests, and was likely specifically caught for the Tour de Kardinal's water-race-appeal.

Carvanha's only known move is Surf.

Debut Unknown

Traded Away[edit]

Silus's Gible
Main article: Silus's Gible

Selene owned a Gible. It was the only non-Dark-type Pokémon on her team. She claims she captured it because it was once friends with her Tyranitar when it was still a Pupitar. She later traded it to Silus in exchange for his Deino.

Debut Unknown

On this wiki[edit]

Main article: Selene

Selene's main incarnation on the wiki seems to be different from the incarnation that appears in the Light & Dark series. While sharing similar backgrounds, they have noticeably different Pokémon teams (though even then, they share similarities).

According to the the author, this difference stemmed from a disagreement between himself an his co-writer on Selene's appearance. While the author preferred an anime image, which was strikingly similar to the Vocaloid Selene's appearance was based on, his co-writer felt that the Vocaloids should remain the standard for the Hora Gym Leaders. To settle the disagreement, the author agreed to create an "anime-only", per say, version of Selene (this incarnation), that would appear only in his series.



  • Selene is the first Gym Leader to be shown with a full team of six Pokémon. She is only one of two Hora Gym Leaders to have a full team, the other being Ryan.
  • Selene is the second Gym Leader seen outside the natural, numerical order, in the series, the first being Lorraine.
  • Selene is the first Gym Leader to be seen outside of her Gym before being challenged in it. She is also the first to be battled outside the Gym, as well as the first who doesn't, initially, offer a three-on-three match with her challenger.
  • She is the first Gym Leader to defeat Silus in a battle.