Silus's Abomasnow

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Silus's Abomasnow
マシューのユキノオー Mashū no Yukinooh
Poké Ball
Silus Abomasnow.png
Silus's Abomasnow
Debuts in Skip to my Snover!
Caught in Skip to my Snover!
Caught at Hora Route 9
Evolves in Skip to My Snover!
Gender Female
Ability Snow Warning
Current location With Silus
Snover Abomasnow
This Pokémon spent less than 1 episode as Snover.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snover
As Abomasnow

Silus's Abomasnow (マシューのユキノオー, Mashū no Yukinooh) is the thirteenth Pokémon caught by Silus in the Hora region.


Abomasnow as a Snover.

Abomasnow originally debuted in Skip to My Snover!, as a wild Snover, part of a pack of Snover and Abomasnow, which was stealing food due to all the berries on Route 9 dying out. It then stole Silus' backpack, causing the group to give chase. However, upon retrieving the backpack, they noticed that Snover was greatly upset, as it was still very hungry, and so Silus offered it an Oran Berry. This act of kindness caused Snover to evolve into Abomasnow. The group parted, but Abomasnow decided to follow them, saving them from the Team Rocket trio, before deciding to join up with Silus.


As Snover, it lived up to its species reputation of being curious, walking right up to Silus' group and stealing their food. Perhaps its defining trait, is that it is a very emotional Pokémon, being moved to tears after Silus reclaimed his backpack, and then, in a reversal of moods, showing great gratitude, when Silus offered it a berry; going so far as to evolve.

As Abomasnow, this affectionate personality isn't diminished, as it hugs Silus to show its appreciation. Abomasnow dislikes its Pokéball, only going inside when it is exhausted, injured, or when there are size constraints. Otherwise it prefers to walk, carrying Silus on its right shoulder. Clair claims this is because Abomasnow considers Silus a member of its pack. This behavior, mysteriously, subsides by Brave for Braviary!, as it is seen in its Pokéball from then on.


As Snover[edit]

As it was only briefly seen as Snover, its abilities aren't well known. Snover was shown to be incredibly agile, able to dodge Silus's Charmander's Flamethrower attack with ease, and then return fire, driving Charmander back despite its double type disadvantage. It also had the Ability Snow Warning, allowing it to conjure up snowstorms at will.

As Abomasnow[edit]

As Abomasnow, its abilities increase. It retains the Ability, Snow Warning, and also gains several new, more powerful, attacks.


Snover Bullet Seed.png
Bullet Seed as Snover.
Silus Abomasnow Sheer Cold.png
Sheer Cold as Abomasnow.
Move First Used In
Razor Leaf  Showdown at the Safflower Gym!
Bullet Seed Skip to My Snover!
Wood Hammer  Skip to My Snover!
Sheer Cold  Skip to My Snover!
Frost Breath Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.



  • Abomasnow sets a couple of firsts for Silus;
    • It is his first Pokémon to be caught in its final stage of evolution.
    • It is the first evolved Pokémon he has caught in the wild.
    • It is the first Pokémon he caused to evolve before catching it.
  • Abomasnow is the second Pokémon of Silus' to evolve in the same episode it debuted in, the other being his Grotle, which was also a Grass-type Pokémon.
  • In many ways, Abomasnow can be seen as a replacement for Grotle and Glaceon, both of whom Silus sent home shortly before Abomasnow's capture, as it has both of their typings.
  • Abomasnow is the first Pokémon to be a character-of-the-day.

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