Silus's Charmander

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Silus's Charmander
マシューのヒトカゲ Mashū no Hitokage
Poké Ball
Silus Charmander.png
Silus' Charmander
Debuts in Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!
Caught in Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!
Caught at Hora Route 8
Gender Female
Ability Blaze
Current location With Silus
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charmander

Silus' Charmander (マシューの ヒトカゲ, Mashū no Hitokage) is the twelfth Pokémon obtained by Silus in the Hora region.


Charmander was originally the offspring of Clair's Charizard, however, Clair never used it. In Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!, Charmander was given to Silus by Clair, in order to prove himself to her as a worthy trainer.


This Charmander is extremely energetic, always exhibiting a dance when it comes out of its Pokéball. As Silus was the one of the first humans it saw (Clair claims it had never seen her), it immediately became attached to him, affectionately hugging him whenever it gets done with its little dance, or whenever it greets him. Additionally, it seems to have become instantly protective of its trainer.


Charmander possess the Ability Blaze, which tremendously increases its power if it comes close to fainting. As the offspring of two Charizard, one of which was Clair's, it inherited the ability to use Flare Blitz.


Silus Charmander Flamethrower.png
Using Flamethrower.
Move First Used In
Flamethrower Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!
Flare Blitz Joy to the World!
Dragon Claw Goodbye Lyra, Hello Clair!
Attract Unknown
Circle Throw × Joy to the World!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.



  • Charmander is considered to have been originally Silus' due to the fact that it hadn't really had an owner prior to being given to him.
  • In the second opening of the original series, Charmander is shown as a Charizard despite not having evolved into one at this point.

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