Silus's Darkrai

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Silus's Darkrai
マシューのダークライ Mashū no Darkrai
Poké Ball
Silus Darkrai.png
Silus's Darkrai
Debuts in The Ghost Pokémon Master!
Caught in The Ghost Pokémon Master!
Caught at Mt. Hora
Gender None
Ability Bad Dreams
Current location With Professor Changi
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Darkrai

Silus's Darkrai (マシューのダークライ, Mashū no Darkrai) is the seventh Pokémon caught by Silus in the Hora Region. It is his only legendary Pokémon.


When Silus met Darkrai on Mt. Hora during a visit to Mimosa City, it had only been alive for a few weeks. After passing the "Trial of Darkrai", he befriended this Darkrai who joined him from that point on. After his battle with Jason Reid in Jason and Silus! Six on Six Pokémon Battle!, however, he left Darkrai with Professor Changi to help the latter with his research. Professor Changi, in turn, took it to Professor Huon to help her in his studies on Legendary Pokémon breeding.



Darkrai's Shadow ball.png
Darkrai using Shadow Ball.
Move First Used In
Shadow Ball Unknown
Dark Void Unknown
Dark Pulse Unknown
Ice Beam Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.



  • Darkrai is one of two of Silus's Pokémon that did not learn the Counter Shield strategy during Silus's training with the Ghost Pokémon Master in Mimosa City. The other was his Tyrogue.