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ようしゅん Yōshun
"The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon"
Stark artwork.png
Artwork from Songs of Victory
Age 45
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Violet City
Region Johto
Relatives Falkner (Son)
Parents (mentioned)
Trainer class Elite Four
Elite Four of Caspia City
Specializes in Flying types
Anime debut Dawn of New Adventures!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Stark (ようしゅん Yōshun) is a member of Hora's Elite Four, serving as the Pokémon Master of Flying-types. He is the father of Falkner, the Gym Leader of Violet City, as well as its former Gym Leader, handing out the Zephyr Badge to trainers who defeated him in the past.


Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold and SoulSilver[edit]

Stark was mentioned several times in the Johto-based Pokémon games, but never by name. A master of Flying-type Pokémon, Stark was the former head of the Violet City Gym, and respected well throughout the city. At some point, however, Stark grew dissatisfied with life as a Gym Leader, and thus, gave his son, Falkner, a Pidgey and Pidgeotto, and left him in charge of his precious Violet Gym, deciding to go on a Pokémon journey and experience the world once more, just as he had when he was a young man. Stark is implied to have been both a very good father and an inspirational trainer, as Falkner heavily reveres his father and wants to follow in his footsteps.

Falkner frequently has arguments with Jasmine over whose father is the superior trainer; Falkner, naturally, believes his father can defeat Jasmine's, in spite of the type disadvantage.

Pokémon — Songs of Victory[edit]

Stark is set to make his wiki début in Pokémon — Songs of Victory, much like Mikayla first débuted in the counterpart series, Pokémon — Light and Dark. The author says he will shed some light on Jason's relationship with the legendary Pokémon. Lugia.



On hand[edit]

Stark's Pidgeot
Main article: Stark's Pidgeot

Much like his son, Pidgeot is Stark's signature Pokémon and most trusted partner. It was the first Pokémon he obtained as a young child, received as an Egg from his own parents. As such, Pidgeot has been with Stark the longest, ever since it was a young Pidgey, and has been responsible for many of his victories just as much as it has been present for his losses. This Pidgeot is also one of the parents of Falker's own Pidgey and Pidgeotto. Notably, Stark's Pidgeot seems to be larger than most other specimens.

Its only known moves are Wing Attack, Brave Bird, and Mud Slap.

Debut Unknown
Stark's Pidgeot
Main article: Stark's Staraptor

Stark's Staraptor is one of his primary battlers. He first met when he payed a visit to Sinnoh, encountering it as a Starly on Route 201.

Its only known moves are Protect Wing, Aerial Ace, and Close Combat.

Debut Unknown

Given To Falkner[edit]

Falkner Pidgey.png
Falkner Pidgeotto.png


  • As a Gym Leader, Stark shared the same Leader title as his son, "The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon". His Japanese Leader title was 華麗なる飛行ポケモン使い.
  • Stark's Japanese name, ようしゅん Yōshun, literally means "hawk and falcon", a reference to his specialty, the Flying-type. The name "Stark" is a name of German origin, meaning "strong", referencing his status as a former Gym Leader and current Elite Four member.
  • Similarly to how the majority of the Hora Gym Leaders appear to have some interest/connection to a Legendary Pokémon of their type, Stark will be introduced to shed light on Jason's relationship to Lugia, implying he has some knowledge of the Diving Pokémon. Lugia is partially Flying-type.