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Team Cosmos
コスモス団 Kosumosu-dan
Team Cosmos logo.png
Team Cosmos Grunts.png
Artwork Team Cosmos Grunts from Light & Dark
Leader Fuhrer
Region Hora
Admins Andreas, Marianne, and Wolfgang
Major targets Unknown
Hideout location Unknown
Anime debut The Mysterious Team Cosmos Appears!

Team Cosmos (コスモス団, Kosumosu-dan) is a villainous team in Hora. Their goals lie opposite to that of Team Rocket's in the region; being after the legendary Pokémon, Lagralia, for yet unknown purposes.


In stark contrast to its enemies, Team Rocket, Team Cosmos is very structured — possessing a clearly defined chain-of-command. The team is lead by a man, named Fuhrer. Like most of the other villainous teams, the organization enlists a number of Admins, serving to lead the scientists and grunts of the organization.

Like Team Rocket, Team Cosmos has also hired a large number of scientists, though the nature of their research remains unknown.

Unlike every other villainous team shown to date, Team Cosmos does not have a consistent uniform throughout its ranks. The Grunts wear black and aquamarine-colored jumpsuits, along with some sort of turquoise goggles, which are attached to a radio transmitter.

The Admins and the leader, on the other hand, wear whatever clothing fits their tastes; usually something unique to that particular person.

Light & Dark[edit]

Team Cosmos appears in Light and Dark. To the public, their goal is to "return the Light to the world". This goal seems to be connected to the legendary Pokémon, Lagralia, but its meaning is entirely unknown to anyone outside of the organization.

They are set to appear in LD031.


  • Their name parallels the names of Team Rocket and Team Galactic, all having to do with the outside universe.
  • Team Cosmos seems to use a German motif.


Boss: Fuhrer
Administrators: WolfgangMarianneAndreas
Lower Members: Team Cosmos Grunts
Locations: Unknown
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