Team Cosmos Grunt (Trainer class)

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Team Cosmos Grunt
チームコスモスしたっぱ Kosumosu-dan Shitappa
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Team Cosmos Grunts (チームコスモスしたっぱ, Kosumosu-dan Shitappa) are members of Team Cosmos. They act as fodder, enforcers, workmen, crooks, and backup for various leaders in the criminal organization.



The Team Cosmos Grunts, both male and female, wear black and aquamarine-colored jumpsuits, along with some sort of turquoise goggles, which are attached to a radio transmitter.


The Grunts have yet to make an appearance in the series yet.


Team Cosmos Grunts, like the other members of the organization, use a variety of Pokémon types, however, most members are primarily seen using Normal, Psychic, and Steel-types.

The following are the three most common Pokémon used by all Team Cosmos Grunts: Pawniard, Zangoose, and Woobat.

Trainer List[edit]

Members of this class are currently unknown.



Boss: Fuhrer
Administrators: WolfgangMarianneAndreas
Lower Members: Team Cosmos Grunts
Locations: Unknown