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CharInfobox (Pokémon)
Gender {{{gender}}}
Caught at {{{caught}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Ability {{{ability}}}
Pokémon Information
Current Location {{{location}}}
Evolution {{{evolution}}}
First Evolution In {{{evolve1}}}
Evolves Again In {{{evolve2}}}
Original Trainer {{{original trainer}}}
First Appearance
Story Debut {{{story debut}}}
Movie Debut {{{movie debut}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Pay Very Close Attention to this Section

{{CharInfobox (Pokémon)
| name =
| image = 
| gender =
| caught =
| type = {{type|Insert type here}} (If the Pokémon has two types, do {{type|Insert Type here}}/{{type|Insert Type here}}
| ability =

| location =
| evolution =
| evolve1 =
| evolve2 =
| original trainer =

| story debut =
| movie debut =

| type1 = Color for the Pokémon's primary type (See the Usage Section)
| type2 = Color of the Pokémon's secondary type. If the Pokémon has only one type, then just use the hex code for the primary type in this section as well.


For Type Coloration, use the following templates by inserting it into the given slot.

NOTE! Click on the link and then use the hex code within to color the infoboxes properly. And example is below.


Mewtwo Three.png
Gender Male
Caught at Unknown
Type Psychic
Ability Pressure
Pokémon Information
Current Location Roaming Hora
Evolution [Developing]
Original Trainer None
First Appearance
Story Debut Debut
Movie Debut Debut