Thunder Armor

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Thunder Armor
Thunder Armor.png
Type Electric
Move Statistics
Other Information Does not make contact
Not affected by Protect
Not affected by Magic Coat
Not affected by Snatch
Not affected by King's Rock

Thunder Armor (Kaminari no Yoroi, 雷の鎧) is a non-damaging Electric-type combination move, properly introduced for this wiki.


Thunder Armor completely maxes out a Pokémon's offensive, defensive, and Speed stats. Contact with the Pokémon causes guaranteed Paralysis.


The user releases a powerful Thunder into the air, which crashes back down and merges with the Pokémon, stimulating their body, wrapping them in a powerful golden armor as well as electric aura which increases their Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed. Contact with this Pokémon will induce paralysis.


  • Thunder Armor was introduced in the anime and expanded on for this wiki.