Top Ten Ways to Care For Your Pokémon

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THe following is a list on the top ten ways to care your Pokémon, which can be added to a Pokédex at any Pokémon Center free of charge at Nurse Joy's desk.


A Nurse giving a Wooper a checkup.

Take it to the nearest Pokémon Center regularly for a free checkup and complete healing. Always make sure your Pokémon is well rested and in good health before a major battle.


Trade it with a friend. The new life experiences your Pokémon has, the stronger and smarter it will become. Then you can trade back for it.


An Antidote

Keep a well stocked first-aide kit. Battles, even for play, cause cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Every town has a Poké Mart where you can buy these supplies, but the Phlox Town Department Store is the best stocked. A good first aide kit includes:

Awakening Potion: wakes up a Pokémon that has been put to sleep.
Antidote: cures poisonous stings
Paralyze Heal: loosens up a Pokémon that can't move
Burn Heal: soothes painful burns left by Fire elements
Potions: heal wounds in general
Revive: wakes up Pokémon that have fainted
Ice Heal: defrosts frozen Pokémon


Start off slowly. Don't try to fight another trainer too soon. Build up your Pokémon's experience through through small competitions with wild Pokémon. When you are ready to take on another trainer, make sure you Pokémon and the trainer's Pokémon have a similar amount of experience.


Practice. Let a new or less experienced Pokémon start off a big battle. Then replace it with a stronger Pokémon before it gets hurt. Quick, safe battles are a good way to build up a Pokémon's experience.


Stay smart. Make sure you know everything about your Pokémon before you decide how to raise it. Each Pokémon is unique, and therefore has different needs.


Take your Pokémon to see sights. A break from battling is a great way to bond with your Pokémon.


Teamwork. The six Pokémon you carry with your should have a variety of techniques and elements. Don't concentrate on raising up one Pokémon's experience and not the others'. Keep all your Pokémon equally strong. The secret to success is teamwork.


Don't forget your vitamins! Pokémon need to take their vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and strong. These are some of the items that you can buy for your Pokémon.

Calcium: to increase special powers
Carbos: to increase speed
Iron: increase defence strength
Protein: to increase attack strength
Rare Candy: OK, so it's not a vitamin. But a treat once in awhile keeps your Pokémon happy and boosts their energy up one level.


LOVE THEM! Pokémon aren't just fighters. They want to be your friends. If you treat them well, they will be your loyal companions.