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Nisshou is Admin
Nisshou is a Admin on the Pikafanon Wiki!

"Do not judge me by what you see as your eyes deceive you, Do not judge me by what you hear as your ears as false, judge me by what you see in my heart as that will not lie." - N

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マーカス '
Ruby Artwork.png
The Guilty King of Kanto
Age 23 (as of January 9, 2014)
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Trainer class Administrator
Game counterpart Brendan
Manga counterpart(s) Ruby (Adventures)

Hey, names Nisshou but I also go by Cullen, 13, Fenix, or Doctor. I have been an editor of wikia since 06/2009 and I consider myself a longstanding Pokémon fan. Have any questions leave em on my talk page. I am responsible for the Hora Battle Frontier and the character(s) Sean Changi, Riley, William, Hope,Rose and Lola.

Member of...[edit]

I am a member of the following on-site organizations;


Gen VII[edit]

  • Litten


  • My Originating Region is a homage to the first generation I ever played being Gen 1 with Yellow Version, while the Character image is of my favorite character model from Ruby and Sapphire.