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the community dedicated to quality Pokémon fan fiction!
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Pikafanon is a wiki site dedicated to Pokémon fan fiction. It began as a Wikia wiki on February 26, 2011 and moved the ShoutWiki servers on November 3, 2013, and intends to be one of the largest sources of Pokémon fan fiction and roleplaying on the internet!

We have 282 articles on a range of Pokémon-related topics.

If you have any questions, first see the FAQ page. If this doesn't help, find an active staff member. They'll point you in the right direction.

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Wiki Annoucements
  • May 7: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been announced!
  • February 5: Pokémon Bank is finally released in the Americas, and more than likely the rest of the free world. DOWNLOAD IT.
  • February 4: Pokémon Bank released in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. U.S. release date still unknown.
  • January 31: Lucario announced to return for the new Super Smash Bros. games! Status of Pokémon Bank still unknown.
  • January 29: Shout Wiki changed it's skin to 'Aurora'. To anyone panicking over this, it is optional; simply changing your preferences back to MonoBook can help Pika Fanon achieve the Bulbapedia-like image we strive for!
  • December 1: The Pokémon of the Month, for the month of December, has been updated!
  • November 28: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  • November 4: The Pokémon of the Month Contest has officially begun! Read up on how to enter and then get busy with your entry! Good luck participants!
  • November 3: Pikafanon officially leaves Wikia and joins ShoutWiki!
  • October 12: Pokémon X and Y are released worldwide, thus officially kicking off Generation VI!
Today is Friday July 12, 2024
Pokémon of the Month: December 2013 376

Its that time again—the first of the month! That means its time for a new Pokémon of the Month! For the month of December, our Pokémon of the Month, and last of the 2013 season, is: Metagross! Metagross is the final evolution of the Pokémon Beldum, and was introduced in Generation III as one of the Pokémon native to the Hoenn region! The Iron Leg Pokémon is a Steel/Psychic-type, the evolved form of both Beldum and, later on, Metang! Like our first Pokémon of the Month, Metagross is unique, in that it is only the second of this year's competitive field, which started last month, in November, but is also the last. In future years, twelve Pokémon will grace our front page (once a month, of course) from January to December. Remember, users that feature the Pokémon of the Month, in this case, Metagross, can enter into a contest to have their work featured in next month's issue (See the contest page for details). In addition, other ways to memorialize the current Pokémon of the Month are encouraged to take place during that Pokémon's month. Have a hearty discussion with friends about Metagross, or your favorite Metagross memories! Have a battle using a Metagross in your team! There are endless possibilities!

So, without further ado, I give you the December 2013 Pokémon of the Month:


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Message from the Head Admin
January 31 Master Ball

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As has been brought to our attention, the Staff of Pikafanon would like to announce that any and all templates or coding that is based or taken from Bulbapedia to be used on this site is originally theirs (though some may have been modified for this site). As such, all credit for their design and usage goes to Bulbapedia and its userbase. Please keep this in mind as you continue your experience with us here.

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