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Head Editor
Editorial Board
Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the authority on official policy and style used on Pikafanon.

While this wiki is indeed a community-driven Pokémon fanfiction wiki and website, every community needs leaders, and the Steward, or head admin, of Pikafanon, feels that an official voice should exist to have a final say in issues and disputes, as well as in the appearance of the wiki's content, allowing Pikafanon to remain consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

The Editorial Board shall consist of the wiki's Steward, Head Editor, as well as three Bureaucrats chosen by the Head Editor. Former members of the Editorial Board generally retain some staff privileges upon resignation; former Head Editors may be invited back in an advisory position.

If you need to contact an Editorial Board member, choose the administrator who you deem most suitable to answer your question. As most of the Board govern specific areas, this should not be too hard. However, do not forget that there are other staff members who are more than happy to field questions as well.

Members[edit source]

The current membership of the Editorial Board is listed below:

Name Title Status
Editorial Board
Ten Tailed Fox Owner, Steward Active Currently in United States en-N de-0 ja-0 pl-0 fr-0 pt-0 es-0 it-0 zh-0
Darknesslover5000 Head Editor Active Currently in United States en-N de-0 ja-0 pl-0 fr-0 pt-0 es-0 it-0 zh-0

Positions[edit source]

Other than the Head Editor, each member of the Editorial Board holds a specific job, placing them in charge of certain areas of the wiki as a whole.

Presently, each Editorial Board member heads a section of the site: one staff member each presiding over site maintenance, fanfiction, roleplays, and canon crossovers. These board members are the spokespeople for their respective sections and are in charge of their section's policy and style decisions. They answer, however, first to the board, and ultimately to the Steward.

Authority[edit source]

The Editorial Board, being the ultimate in Pikafanon authority, has the ability to set official, binding policy. Statements from the Editorial Board as a whole and from members thereof are to be read as the law of this wiki, unless contradicted by a higher power (in the case of individual members, by the Head Editor, and in the case of the Board itself, by Ten Tailed Fox).

Editorial Board members are allowed unlimited use of the userspace, where they may put test templates and other things relevant to the wiki . They also retain the following rights:

  • Locking and unlocking of the various pages/templates of the wiki for maintenance.
  • The ability to change all user rights on all this wiki.

Joining the Editorial Board[edit source]

For a user to join the Editorial Board, several requirements must be met. The user must already be a Bureaucrat, having shown dedication to the wiki far above and beyond their peers, and a position on the board must be vacant. The selected Bureaucrat will be contacted by the Editorial Board itself to gauge their interest, while the Head Editor and Steward have final approval.