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This article is an official guide on Pikafanon.

This guide will attempt to address all issues and questions that a user may have during their time on Pikafanon. If there are any questions not addressed here, by all means, please bring them up with a staff member.

User related[edit source]

Userspace[edit source]

Are there rules to using the userspace?[edit source]

Yes. Generally five edits per day is the max, as the idea of Pikafanon is to immerse yourself in editing your own articles or getting involved with other users, not to have users focus on their userspace. Users are not allowed to edit other users pages unless you're changing a redlink to prevent it from showing up in the Wanted Pages.

For more info on the rules see the userspace policy.

Why was my usertag deleted?[edit source]

Usually usertags are deleted when they are created in the mainspace without the approval of an admin. Usually usertags are to be created in the userspace and then shown to an admin to see if it is good enough to be mainspaced as a template.

Can I make games in my userspace?[edit source]

Games, along with certain other things, are not allowed in the userspace. While they were in the past, they proved to be working against the advancement of Pikafanon by having too many edits to the userspace.

An admin said I've been placed in abuse, why?[edit source]

Users are allowed to edit their userpage three times in a server day. Going over that limit may result in a user's right to edit the userspace being removed.

What does it mean to be in abuse?[edit source]

Being in abuse means you may no longer edit your userpage. Users may get it back when they demonstrate that they can edit the mainspace more than their userspace.

Problems with other users[edit source]

This user is being rude to me, what do I do?[edit source]

Sometimes users do occasionally disagree. It happens. However, if a user is bullying you, it is unacceptable. If you feel that a user is bullying you, please bring it up with an admin right away and explain the situation to us and we will step in and will handle the situation. Bulbapedia does not tolerate bullying behavior and neither should you.

This user is reverting me, what do I do?[edit source]

Users do fight over content, however, instead of getting in an edit war, bring it up on the other user's talk page, a staff's talk page or the talk page of the page itself to solve the problem. Edit wars are frowned upon and users caught in edit wars can face short blocks depending on the revisions they've changed.

Mainspace related[edit source]

What is the mainspace?[edit source]

The mainspace refers to anything without a prefix, which would be like the user: namespace or the shipping: namespace. All encyclopedic content is in the mainspace for editing.

A user reverted me, why?[edit source]

If a user reverts you, it might be that your edit was not needed, already in the article or some other reason. If you are confused on why you were reverted, ask that user on their talk page.

My page is deleted, why?[edit source]

Most likely a page was deleted for being not notable, already being on Pikafanon or because it was poorly written. If you are unsure why your page was deleted, ask the administrator who deleted it.

Talkpage related[edit source]

My comment was removed for replying to old discussions, what does this mean?[edit source]

Generally old comments over six months old should not be revived, however, if there is a legitimate reason to bring it up again, please do so.

Why can't I remove comments from my talk page?[edit source]

Talk page comments should be saved on the talk page to provide everyone that a certain issue or fact has been discussed and possibly solved. Comments on the user talk page should be saved as they allow a user to grow to be a better user from the advice and comments of others. However, occasionally the talk pages can get cluttered and should then be archived.

How do I archive my talk page?[edit source]

Talk pages can be archived by locating the move tab in between the history and watch tabs. By pressing it you can move your talk page to another name, with the most common being "User talk:User name/Archive 1." The archived talk page should be tagged with {{TalkArchive}} so that users can be aware that it is an archive and should not be further edited. The redirect page should then be used as the new talk page.

Pokémon Related[edit source]

Can I make Fakemon (Fake Pokémon)?[edit source]

The answer is an absolute, unequivocal no. That being said, there are fake Pokémon on the site, however, the only fake Pokémon that may be created is by the editorial board.